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New Process Fibre video

An Overview of New Process Fibre

For generations, New Process Fibre’s family-owned business has strived to provide ever-improving products and maximum quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. As […]

Plastic Extrusion Guide

Plastic extrusion is a highly customizable fabrication process that uses thermoplastic resins and a pre-shaped die to create components at […]

HDPE Washers


Polyethylene plastics are some of the most commonly used plastics on the market today. They are found in products you […]


Types of Thermoplastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion involves a top-mounted hopper system that feeds thermoplastic resin through an extruder barrel. With the help of heat […]

delrin washers

When to Use Plastic Washers

As a common alternative to metal washers, plastic washers for screws provide watertight seals, minimize vibrations, and offer unique benefits […]

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New Process Fibre: Made in America

For the last several years, reshoring has emerged as a trend in manufacturing, and American companies have gradually moved their […]

CNC punching machine

A Guide to Plastic Stamping

Plastic stamping is a manufacturing process that enables the creation of very thin parts. Typically, this process utilizes a set […]


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