Nylon Washers

New Process Fibre is unique in several ways. We believe that our ability to provide OEMs with cost-effective and innovative stamping solutions for nonmetallic parts is second-to-none. Moreover, our huge inventory of die-sets gives us the ability to turn around both large and small runs very quickly. That is why we are viewed as industry leaders in the fabrication of nylon washers.

nylon washers Here are some quick facts to give you a better idea of our machining capacity. We have…

  • 75 punch presses with various tonnage ratings — 14 of which are high-speed presses that operate at up to 400 strokes per minute. Our machines process both strip stock and coil stock,
  • More than 8,000 washer dies in stock, and
  • A huge inventory of materials, including several types of Nylon — in various colors.


Industry Applications for Nylon Washers

Nylon — perhaps most well known as a common fabric in clothing — is actually a strong and highly versatile material that is used in all sorts of demanding industry applications. For instance, the medical industry uses Nylon to make medical instruments; the plumbing industry uses Nylon to provide trustworthy seals; and the fire safety industry uses Nylon in sprinkler systems due to the material’s reliability.

At New Process, we use Nylon to make flat washers with exceptional performance characteristics. We use four different types of Nylon: Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6, Nylon MDS, and Nylatron®.

Nylon 6 is the same material found in fabric, but we use it as a replacement for brass, steel, aluminum, and other metals. Its high strength makes it suitable for gears, spacers, washers, and plumbing parts.

Nylon MDS is a type of Nylon 6 designed for food grade applications. It is also the hardest and strongest type of Nylon, so it is well suited for moving components such as gears, bearings, and wheels.

Nylon 6/6 is a high viscosity Nylon with exceptional strength and temperature resistance. It is often used in chemical and electrical applications.

Nylatron®, a trademark of Quadrant, is a Nylon 6/6 and Nylon MDS blend that is self-lubricating and therefore has very low surface friction. It is used in applications where lubricants are not suitable for various safety or practical reasons.

Most of our clients that use Nylon washers fall into one of the following five industries:

  • Aerospace/military
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Plumbing

For more information on Nylon washers, contact us today.