Non-metallic stamped washers and components are gaining the attention of engineers looking to transition from traditional metal materials to high-performance plastic materials. Washers and plastic stampings are often used as locking devices, shims, springs, and spacers. Polypropylene is a leading material for manufacturing non-metallic washers, offering a wide range of performance benefits that make it suitable for various industrial applications.

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What Are Polypropylene Washers

Polypropylene washers are an excellent alternative to traditional washer materials like metal. The material combines the properties of homopolymer resin with copolymer resin to deliver superior mechanical strength and abrasion resistance for better performance in demanding applications. 

Polypropylene washers provide a reliable bearing surface that distributes the fastener load and can act as a spacer between two components. Polypropylene washers are lightweight, making them an ideal alternative to metal washers in weight-sensitive applications. The material also provides resistance to fatigue and impact, a high modulus of elasticity, and high strength, delivering superior washer performance in various applications.

What Are the Benefits of Polypropylene Washers?

Polypropylene offers a variety of benefits as a washer material in high-performance applications. It is typically a more lightweight washer material than metal, making it suitable for weight-sensitive applications. Polypropylene washers are usable in high-moisture environments and resist a variety of chemicals, including acids and bases. Their resistant properties make polypropylene washers ideal for withstanding the heat and sulfuric acid in lead-acid automobile battery applications and filter plates in pulp and paper applications.

Polypropylene is resistant to corrosion, weldable, and suitable for high purity environments. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs by not cracking, blistering, delaminating, and swelling like other materials. Polypropylene washers allow for a range of customization and are available in several color combinations and can color-match.

Industry Applications That Utilize Polypropylene Washers

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A variety of industries rely on polypropylene washers and stamped polypropylene parts for specialized and general-purpose applications. The superior properties of polypropylene, such as its chemical resistance and high purity make it ideal for manufacturing washers and components used in food and chemical processing applications. Polypropylene is also a suitable material for washers operating in corrosive and high moisture environments. Polypropylene is a preferred material in laboratory equipment, tanks, valves, and pump components.

Polypropylene Washers From New Process Fibre

Polypropylene washers are a popular solution for weight-sensitive applications, along with applications that require chemical, moisture, and corrosion resistance that metallic washers often cannot provide. Polypropylene washers deliver a range of benefits for special and general applications, including lower maintenance costs, high load-bearing strength, high purity properties, and various color choices. 

At New Process Fibre, we have been custom stamping non-metallic components such as washers, spacers, and disks since 1927. We provide high-quality plastic sheet extrusion, prototyping, and machining with various materials, including polypropylene. We rely on our in-house tooling to provide more efficient service and meet small and large production volumes. We are ISO 9001:2015-certified and manufacture our products in the USA under rigorous testing and quality control. 

To learn more about our range of polypropylene products, please visit our Polypropylene Catalog. You can also contact us or request a quote today to get started.

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