Corrosion resistance is crucial in marine environments. That is why Nylon is an ideal material for many marine industry applications. Unlike most metals, which tend to corrode when exposed to moisture and harsh chemicals, Nylon has exceptional corrosion and wear resistance, and is guaranteed to last a very long time. Nylon 6, for example, can withstand long term exposure to alkalis, dilute acids, and oxidizing agents.

Nylon is typically found in marine applications such as stern tubes, winches, rudder stocks, capstans, and sheaves. Our marine industry partners choose nylon because — aside from its durability — it does not require lubrication or coating of any kind. This is particularly useful in the marine industry, where lubricants or chemical coatings can be washed away by constant fresh or saltwater exposure.

It is important to note that not all Nylons are moisture resistant. Ask us about our moisture-resistant Nylon materials suitable for marine applications.

Why Source Nylon Parts from New Process Fibre?

Our industry-leading machining capabilities ensure that our marine industry customers return to us for repeat orders. We are extremely confident in our ability to make Nylon washers to the highest marine industry standards.

Our facility comprises 75 punch presses in a range of tonnage ratings — 14 of which are high-speed presses, more than 8,000 washer dies, and a vast inventory of Nylon materials in many different colors. We can fabricate pretty much any standard or custom marine industry solution.

But that’s not all…

  • We have almost 90 years of experience in the fabrication business
  • We are a trusted supplier of Nylon washers and parts to the marine industry
  • We design and build all washer die-sets in-house
  • We offer fast turnaround times for both low and high volume production
  • We fabricate custom Nylon washers to a wide range of dimensional specifications
  • We do not outsource — the entire manufacturing process is completed at our facility

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