New Process Fibre provides in-house raw material production of non-metals and extruded plastics with unlimited material supplies with consistent, assured high quality for Mylar® washers. Mylar® is widely used to refer to a polyester film or plastic sheet and is a registered trademark of Dupont Tejjin Films.

We offer custom washers in several colors including clear, white, and black. Mylar® flat washers can be created in materials from .002″ to .014″ thick and in sizes as small as .093″ or as large as 12″.

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What Are the Key Benefits of Mylar® Washers?

Mylar® washers have many unique characteristics that are beneficial to certain applications. For example, they are excellent in electrical applications due to their insulating properties. When it comes to cost, they are a significantly less expensive option to Kapton for lower temperature applications. They are also very durable and wear-resistant, making them suitable for many high-vibration applications where a more rugged washer is required. Mylar® washers also exhibit dielectric properties and low moisture absorption as well as excellent chemical resistance.

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Mylar®, as a material, can withstand a wide temperature range while maintaining its physical properties. It doesn’t contain plasticizers, which means that it will not become brittle as a result of extreme temperature exposure. It can be used in temperatures ranging from -70 to 150 °C (–94 to 302 °F); however, if the physical requirements of the application are not extremely demanding, Mylar® can be used in a wider temperature range of –250 to 200 °C (–418 to 392 °F). Additionally, it has significantly higher shear strength than other polymeric materials, such as acetals and nylons.

What Are the Common Applications of Mylar® Washers?

Mylar® washers are used in many industrial applications including electric, wind energy, marine, and nuclear applications. They are commonly used with duct insulation, lighting, and within the automotive industry. Mylar® washers can distribute a load between fasteners and create a barrier between a screw or bolt and the installation surface. They can also be used as spacers and as a means to reduce vibration. When it comes to reducing vibrations, Mylar® washers perform significantly better than metal substitutes, and they can also be used as a locking device.

Choosing New Process Fibre for Your Washer Needs

New Process Fibre has been a family-run business since it was founded in 1927. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products at the best prices. Our industry-leading precision tooling capabilities allow us to deliver specialized designs and features that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. We have a diverse material selection for non-metallic washers and an extensive library of washers to choose from. We also fabricate custom washers and have over 10,000 washer dies in stock, which allows us to fulfill any order quantity quickly.

Mylar® washers are a durable, dependable solution for applications spanning several industries. They offer a low-cost solution and function well in a vast range of temperatures while delivering strength and high wear resistance. They can be manufactured in virtually any shape or size to meet your exact requirements. If you have a question about how New Process Fibre can help with your next project, contact us to talk to an expert.

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