Vulcanized Fibre

One type of material that is compatible with non-metallic stamping is vulcanized fibre. This material is both strong and lightweight and is often composed of paper, wood pulp, and rag materials that are beneficial in a number of ways. The many advantages that come with vulcanized fibre make this material ideal for use in stampings and washers for a wide range of applications.

Here we’ll review what vulcanized fibre washers are, their many uses, and their numerous benefits.

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vulcanized fibre washer

Industry Applications That Utilize Vulcanized Fibre Washers

Many applications use vulcanized fibre washers as an alternative because of their many beneficial properties and high compatibility. It is especially ideal for applications requiring a balance of weight, strength, and cost.

Some of the many applications that use vulcanized fibre washers include:

  • Appliance insulation
  • Automotive components
  • Aerospace and defense parts
  • Luggage
  • Plumbing and marine components
  • Agriculture and farming tools
  • Patterns
  • Electric motor insulation

What Are the Benefits of Vulcanized Fibre Washers?


vulcanized fibre

There are several key benefits of using vulcanized fibre washers and other components, which make them integral to many systems.

Vulcanized fibre washers possess an ideal strength-to-weight ratio, along with dielectric properties and high flexibility. Vulcanized fibre is also very versatile, with the ability to form custom shapes using different fabrication techniques for applications ranging from electrical insulation to automotive parts.

Additionally, the manufacturing process involved in producing vulcanized fibre washers is safer and more environmentally friendly because of its cellulose composition, which significantly reduces chemical output. It’s also considerably affordable to manufacture and customize.

Some other advantages that come with using vulcanized fibre washers include:

  • Lightweight
  • High resistance to extreme heat and cold
  • 94HB flammability rating
  • Tear resistance
  • Arc resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • High mechanical strength

Depending on the application, vulcanized fibre can be one of the most dependable materials to use in the custom manufacturing of plastic washers. Using these components, companies can avoid frequent system breakdowns while creating safer and more eco-friendly work environments.

Get Custom Vulcanized Fibre Washers from New Process Fibre

If you’re seeking high-quality vulcanized fibre washers for your application, New Process Fibre can fabricate washers of nearly any dimension to meet your needs. Since our inception in 1927, we’ve developed into one of the leading manufacturers of plastic washers and many other components for a variety of applications. With the help of our custom manufacturing services, you can benefit from top-quality vulcanized fibre washers and other parts. We also work to maintain cost-effectiveness to ensure our customers never pay more than they need to for reliable products.

To learn more about our vulcanized fibre washers, contact us today. You can also request a quote to discuss your project and get started on developing the best solution for your business.

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