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The primary purposes of washers are to more evenly distribute the pressure of a nut on a surface and reduce the risk of the nut loosening over time. Plastic washers, in particular, increase the efficiency of threaded fasteners because they better protect surfaces from possible damages due to their vibration and corrosion resistance.

Washers come in a wide array of materials to suit the needs of different applications. Plastic washers are suitable for nearly all applications due to their durability, antimagnetic properties, and versatility.

Consumer & Kitchen Appliances Industry

New Process Fibre Company produces a range of plastic washers that are widely used in kitchen and consumer appliances. Plastic washers are popular in many applications because of their diverse attributes. Some of the most common types of plastic washers used in the appliance industry include:

  • Nylon: Nylon plastic washers are the most widely used washers and are often used in thermal and electrical insulators due to their high strength and wear-resistant properties. 
  • HDPE: This material is highly reliable, making it preferred in applications like oil tanks and food processing equipment. HDPE is resistant to low temperatures, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and is watertight.
  • LDPE: LDPE can endure low-temperature settings, making it preferred in many applications such as sporting goods, refrigerator components, and more. LDPE washers are also resistant to hazardous liquids like acids.
  • PTFE: PTFE washers are hard plastic washers primarily used in applications that experience frequent exposure to extremely high temperatures such as bearings and gears.
  • Vulcanized Fiber: This is a laminated plastic that consists of natural cellulose. Washers made of vulcanized fiber are an excellent alternative due to their toughness and resiliency.

Benefits of Plastic Washers in the Appliances Industry

There are many reasons why you should use plastic washers in the appliance industry, including:

  • Chemical Resistance: Most of the material used in plastic washers is chemically inert, making it an excellent choice in applications involving chemical elements.
  • Withstand Corrosive Materials: Plastic washers will not rust when exposed to environmental elements or moisture.
  • Withstand Electricity: Plastic washers are preferred in high-load sections in many electrical applications like in switch housing because they can withstand electricity.
  • Temperatures up to 600 °F: Plastic washers can withstand high temperatures up to 600 °F. As a result, they significantly reduce the risk of catching fire.
  • Increased Strength and Longevity: Plastic washers are a great option if you are looking for washers that can serve you in the long term. Their high strength coupled with corrosion resistance properties, improved compression, ability to absorb impact shock, and isolate stress points results in longer service life than other types of washers.
  • Resistance to Water and Oil: Plastic washers are not damaged by exposure to water and oil, making them a perfect choice for plumbing applications.
  • Internal Protection Against Food Particles: Plastics are a mainstay of the food industry. Plastic washers offer internal protection against food particles and ensure that components remain sterile. 

Plastic Washer Applications for the Appliances Industry

Many manufacturers opt for plastic washers due to their chemical resistance and thermal insulation, allowing plastic washers to withstand electricity, corrosive materials, and high temperatures. At New Process Fibre Company, our plastic washers have increased strength and longevity, making them a great choice for applications such as:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Plumbing
  • Food processors and Blenders
  • Furnaces
  • Freezers
  • Power tools
  • Air purifiers
  • A/C units
  • Construction
  • Table leg anti-wobble
  • Vacuum cleaner canisters
  • Shim
  • Manufacturing
  • Household appliances
  • Refrigerator door
  • Automotive
  • Merchandise tags
  • Spacers
  • And much more

Plastic Washers for the Appliances Industry

Plastic washers suit a variety of applications and industries. Depending on your needs, it is important to seek professional advice before purchasing, especially when choosing plastic washers for screws. 

Since 1927, New Process Fibre Company has been the one-stop shop for all your non-metallic washers. We are experts in determining the right washer for your application. We are customer-focused and always aim to exceed all client expectations. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality products that meet the highest standards. Contact us for more details about our plastic washers for the appliance industry.

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