Lexan Washers

Lexan is a robust, lightweight, and versatile plastic material, making it a popular choice for washers. Due to their many benefits, Lexan washers are used across a diverse range of industries, ranging from aerospace and defense to technology, automotive, and more.

lexan washers

Lexan Washers

Washers sit between fastened surfaces to absorb vibrations, create a fluid-proof seal, distribute force, alleviate friction, and space out other components. The material of the washer determines what functions it can and cannot perform. Lexan, a brand name of polycarbonate, is a popular choice for washers because of its appealing physical attributes. Lexan is extremely resistant to impact damage, at 200 times the resistance of glass, making it an excellent choice for washers across almost every industry.

Along with being impact-resistant, Lexan washers are durable and compressible, have a low friction coefficient, and can withstand exposure to liquids. Once installed, Lexan washers can distribute the force from tightened fasteners across a wider surface area so there’s less risk of cracking or deformation of the anchored parts.

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Benefits of Lexan Washers

Lexan washers are extremely versatile, and they can be used across a wide variety of applications throughout several industries. Some of the key benefits of Lexan washers include:

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  • Clarity. Lexan is a clear material without blurriness, obstructive flecks, or distortions.
  • Durability. Lexan washers can be exposed to corrosive chemicals without degrading, withstand high levels of impact, and be used in cycles of hot and cold environments without degrading or becoming brittle. They also have a low flammability level.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio. Lexan washers are extremely strong. They’re also 5 to 6 times lighter than comparable glass pieces.
  • Compatibility. Lexan washers can be used with pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) without degrading. Manufacturers can also produce Lexan washers with a PSA face for one-step application.

Applications of Lexan Washers

The unique and desirable properties of Lexan washers make them popular for use across various industries. At New Process Fibre, we serve the following industries with high-quality Lexan washers:

Aerospace and Automotive

Lexan is an extremely light material with high strength and durability. This is extremely useful in aeronautic and automotive construction, especially as today’s vehicles need to be as lightweight and fuel-efficient as possible. Lexan washers can also stand up to the extreme temperatures generated by the vehicles’ motors and operating environments.


Because Lexan is extremely strong, Lexan washers can be relied on for use in heavy-duty and oversized assemblies such as vehicles, weaponry systems, and jets. Lightweight Lexan parts are also used in mobile equipment that soldiers need to manually carry.


One of the core functions of washers is to absorb vibration, which can make mating parts suffer from excess wear. Lexan washers can absorb vibration and protect fragile components. Because of its light weight and extreme durability, it’s a preferred material for handheld technologies like smartphones.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Lexan washers can easily be recycled and reprocessed for future production cycles. As a result, Lexan is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material that consumers and green corporations prefer.

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At New Process Fibre, we’re a leading provider of standard and custom washers for use in diverse applications. Start your project or request a quote today from our product development team by providing the details and specifications from this page.


Lexan Washers From New Process Fibre

Lexan washers feature many beneficial properties that make them the ideal choice for a range of applications and industries. For nearly 100 years, New Process Fibre has been improving manufacturing processes and delivering cost-effective stamping solutions, including Lexan washers. To see how our non-metallic Lexan washers can be used in your operation, feel free to contact us today.

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