Back in 1927, New Process Fibre was founded on a desire to improve a manufacturing process. The products and the processes have both changed in the years since, but the desire for constant improvement has never varied.

NPF Aerial ViewInnovative Roots

The original company name was coined by founder F. Carl Porter, who developed a new, lower cost process for turning cotton paper into vulcanized fibre. This focus expanded under the guidance of his son-in-law Henry Peters to include improvements in every part of the process of creating non-metallic stampings, such as Vulcanized Fiber Washers.

Solid Growth

Today, the tradition continues in an uncommon dedication to in-house manufacturing capability. The reason behind it is simple: if we perform every step ourselves, we can be sure it was performed at the highest standard. We extrude our own thermoplastics. An in-house tool room with wire EDM capability allows us to create our own tooling. An extensive inventory of production equipment makes it possible to complete virtually any job, from a small prototype run to an order in the millions, all without outsourcing.

The third generation descendents of F. Carl Porter still run New Process. They make sure the same dedication to improving products, maximizing quality and maintaining cost effectiveness is still at the company’s heart.