Custom Gaskets, Washers, and Components for Power Tools

Power Tools

Power tool manufacturers can’t compromise on quality and durability. Washers, gaskets, and seals are a critical part of maintaining proper tool operation and longevity. Once they begin to break down, it’s a matter of time before the entire device fails.

At New Process Fibre (NPF), we’re your one-stop source for top-quality nonmetallic materials and stampings. As part of our offerings, we can provide custom gaskets and washers that enhance power tool performance and reliability. Keep reading to see what NPF has to offer.

NPF’s Custom Solutions for Power Tools

Custom washers, gaskets, and other stamped components that go into power tools improve their performance and extend their useful life. These parts are used to distribute loads, reduce vibrations, seal out dust, dirt, and moisture, minimize corrosion, keep fasteners secure, and enhance wear resistance.

NPF offers custom gaskets, washers, and more in various non-metallic materials that are capable of resisting corrosion, heat, and wear. Our material options include:

  • Vulcanized fibre
  • ABS
  • Nylatron/Nylon MDS

Everything Under One Roof

NPF provides fully in-house services to maximize quality and efficiency. We offer comprehensive nonmetallic stamping services and use Bruderer stamping presses with compound and progressive stamping dies. With the expertise to create custom dies for washers, gaskets, and other nonmetallic components, along with a large selection of standard washer dies, we have your needs covered. We also provide maintenance of your tooling for the lifetime of your project.

To ensure material consistency and quality, we offer in-house sheet extrusion of select thermoplastic materials plus additional in-stock materials ready for stamping. Sheet material slitting and shearing are also available.

In addition to these capabilities, NPF offers custom end laminations using materials such as fishpaper, vulcanized fibre, and Nomex®. Our end laminations are specially fabricated to fit the needs of your particular motor application.

Advanced Tooling and Design Flexibility

To achieve high volume and quick turnaround production, our facility runs more than 75 conventional and high-speed punch presses with over 10,000 compound washer dies, and a massive material inventory.

We use cutting-edge tooling equipment and design systems including CAD/CAM for tool and part design, in-house production and maintenance of die sets, wire EDM capabilities, and state-of-the-art electronic vision measurement systems. This allows us to achieve tight tolerances, high repeatability, and efficient production rates.

Commitment to Quality and Compliance

For nearly a century, NPF has upheld a commitment to the highest quality in manufacturing. That means a better product for you and, in turn, for your customers. Quality assurance benchmarks for our facility and processes include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • PPAP documents available on request
  • RoHS and REACH-compliance
  • Prioritizing conflict-free minerals wherever possible

Need Components for Your Product? Contact New Process Fibre Today

The most durable and reliable power tools combine excellent design with advanced manufacturing processes and specialized materials. When it comes to the gaskets, washers, and related components that go into your power tools, you need a reliable partner to provide custom, high-quality parts made to your specifications and delivered on time.

Connect with NPF for your next project to see how we can help you achieve the finest custom-stamped components to meet your needs.

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