Plumbing Industry

Plumbing Industry

Washers are crucial to the plumbing industry for creating watertight seals, ensuring even pressure on pipes and fittings, and guaranteeing that nuts and bolts are correctly tightened. While metal washers have traditionally been popular for plumbing applications, plastic washers feature many unique and highly beneficial properties that have led to their increased use. 

New Process Fibre produces high-performance non-metallic washers and custom plumbing components that are affordable and fabricated to nearly any specification.

Plumbing Industry

Various types of plumbing fixtures utilize washers, including faucets and sprinkler systems. Non-metal washer alternatives can offer the same performance as metal washers in these applications but at a lower cost. Plastic washers also provide the benefit of greater resistance to wear and corrosion.

Plastic nylon plumbing washers provide high-quality male-to-female connections. Non-metallic washers and custom parts of materials such as Nylon 6 and Teflon™ PTFE, when combined with other fibers, can also improve on their mechanical properties according to the needs of specific, challenging applications. 

Some types of washers used in the plumbing industry include:

  • Flanged washers. These common washers aid in balancing any pressure that bolts place on fittings and pipes. They are also referred to as shoulder washers.
  • Plumbing washers. Like flanged washers, these washers evenly distribute tension on fittings. The design of plumbing washers allows for a watertight seal.
  • Tapered washers. Also called beveled washers, these washers are only for pipes or fittings that have imperfections on their surfaces. They are recognizable for their shape, in that a tapered washer gradually increases in thickness.
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Plastic Washers & The Plumbing Industry

Benefits of Plastic Washers in the Plumbing Industry 

Plastic nylon washers provide several key benefits for the plumbing industry, including:

  •     Excellent water resistance
  •     Energy absorption
  •     Wear and corrosion resistance
  •     Chemical resistance
  •     Vibration resistance
  •     Temperature resistance
  •     Strength and durability

Plastic washers are more lightweight than metal but still provide endurance and a tight seal. Washers made from certain materials like PTFE are impermeable to water and oil and are unaffected by exposure to hot water. In washer plumbing, these types of pipe washers provide elasticity and reliability against leaks and melting.

Plastic Washer Applications for the Plumbing Industry

With more application versatility and temperature and chemical resistance, nylon plastic washers can replace metal ones in: 

  •     Drains
  •     Faucets
  •     Showerheads
  •     Shower hoses
  •     Toilets
  •     Plungers
  •     Seals and washers for PBC

New Process Fibre makes washers from several types of plastic, including Nylon 6 and PTFE. Each material features slightly different benefits that make it suitable for differing applications. For example, PTFE washers can withstand high temperatures and act as good electrical and thermal insulators. Nylon 6 can combine with other materials, such as carbon or glass fibers, to improve performance capabilities.

For unique or challenging applications, New Process Fibre fabricates custom non-metallic washers and parts from a variety of materials to improve mechanical properties.

Plastic Washers for the Plumbing Industry

New Process Fibre is continuously investing in industry-leading machinery and fabricating plastic washers to the highest possible standards. Using our 75 punch presses in a range of tonnage ratings, of which 14 are high speed, we can fabricate standard or custom solutions for almost any plumbing application. We make our own washer die sets in-house and currently carry a stock of over 8,000 washer dies. Additionally, our extensive inventory of nylon materials is available in numerous color options. 

With over 90 years of experience, New Process Fibre offers fast turnaround service for both short and long production runs. Contact us today to speak with an expert about plumbing industry applications for plastic washers.

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