Quality Assurance

Since 1927 we’ve seen many changes in the way quality is defined. Then as now, our aim has been to maintain the highest standard in both products and business practices.

Quality Assurance

The modern benchmarks

If quality means precise adherence to specifications, New Process Fibre is exceptionally well equipped to meet the contemporary standard.

  • Hard tooling, developed in our own tool shop, allows production to tighter tolerances.
  • Production professionals use the latest in non-contact vision measurement systems, with calibrations traceable to NIST.
  • ISO 9001:2015
    An extensively documented quality management system is in place, with ISO registration since 2002 plus first article, PPAP documents available on request, RoHS and REACH compliance.
  • We strive to keep our products conflict mineral free.

The New Process production team commonly goes beyond the standards to add extra quality steps. For example, vulcanized fibre parts are always shipped in sealed plastic bags to maintain the greatest possible dimensional stability.

The time honored standard

Over the decades, we have focused our efforts on the place where quality ultimately resides: in the people behind the product. New Process people strive toward continuous improvement in every facet of the customer relationship, from the first inquiry through the final invoice. We take pride in this heritage of achievement.

Quality Policy

To be the manufacturer with a reputation for providing a quality product and excellent service through customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.



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