Medical Industry

Medical Industry

The medical industry often uses durable, non-metallic washers to seal and distribute loads for many types of equipment. Washers feature a flat disc shape with a hole in the center, enabling them to distribute pressure for bolts, screws, and other fasteners while padding, locking, and reducing vibration. Non-metallic hard plastic washers are often preferred over metallic washers for medical applications because of their unique properties.

Why Does the Medical Industry Need Non-Metallic Washers?

Medical equipment and devices must be kept sterilized, so hydrolysis-proof components use heat-resistant plastics. Examples of these components include nylon, Delrin, Teflon, and polythene washers. Nylon is one type of heat-resistant plastic that medical manufacturers commonly use to produce medical instruments.

Respirator components, face shields, and medical tables rely on nylon washers because they are nonflammable and resistant to corrosion, wear, and mold. By using the right types of washers, medical products benefit from effective sterilization and longer service life, creating a safer environment and saving medical facilities money on maintenance.

Benefits of Plastic Washers in the Medical Industry

The medical industry uses nylon plastic washers for these reasons:

  • Lightweight construction: Nylon is lighter than metal, so nylon washers are ideal for medical equipment where weight is a critical factor.
  • Thermal stability: Exceptional insulating properties make nylon washers suitable for applications involving temperature fluctuations or electricity.
  • High tensile strength: Nylon washers can withstand high pressure levels and long periods of use.
  • Corrosion resistance: Superior resistance to corrosion keeps components sterile and safe to use in medical environments.
  • Temperature resistance: Nylon’s temperature-resistant properties protect equipment from potential damage done by extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Reduced noise levels during operation: If noise is a concern, nylon washers are an excellent solution because they produce far less noise compared to their metal counterparts.
  • Low surface friction and longer service life: Nylon washers help maximize the longevity of medical devices and equipment, reducing costs for maintaining and replacing machinery.

Plastic Washer Applications for the Medical Industry

Due to their superior temperature resistance and strength, our non-metallic nylon components are suitable for a range of medical devices and equipment. 

Specific applications for nylon washers in the medical industry are:

  • Face shields
  • Examination tables
  • Respirators
  • Traction equipment
  • Hospital beds

Plastic Washers for the Medical Industry

Plastic washers are crucial components for medical devices. Their durable, noncorrosive construction ensures that the equipment performs as it should for as long as possible. It’s important to obtain the correct washers for your specific application. We carry a vast selection of flat washers, plain washers, retaining washers, and more, for nearly any medical application.

At New Process Fibre, we’re dedicated to producing reliable non-metallic parts for a variety of industries. By manufacturing all our products in-house, we make sure that every component meets the highest standards and delivers consistent quality for every customer. For more information about our plastic washers for screws or to get started on your own non-metallic washer solution, contact us today.

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