Nylon Washers in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Plastic washers for vehicle parts offer many benefits over their metallic counterparts. Materials like nylon create strong yet cost-effective washers that are ideal for a variety of applications in the automotive industry. New Process Fibre offers nylon plastic washers and polyethylene washers to prevent leaks, hold automotive bolts in place, improve pressure distribution, secure radiators, and other important automotive applications.

Automotive Applications

Washers are an integral part of the automotive and transportation industry. Plastic washers are the automotive workhorse — they are often found in engine compartments, where they are subjected to extreme temperatures, chemical fluids, and tremendous workloads.

One of the most cited benefits of hard plastic washers today is their use in meeting government fuel economy regulations. Nylon is a lightweight product, and when substituted for metal parts, it can reduce weight and boost fuel efficiency.

Two types of washers commonly used in the automotive industry are:

  • Nylon Plastic Washers — Washers made of a plastic like nylon, which we focus on here, are favored in the industry due to their versatility, durability, and typical lack of reaction when encountering chemicals.
  • Polyethylene Washers — Polyethylene is largely invulnerable to deterioration, which helps when using these washers with metal components like bolts, and is also pliant even when met with lower temperatures.

Benefits of Plastic Washers in the Automotive Industry

There are many reasons why manufacturers would prefer plastic washers, such as nylon plastic washers, for automotive purposes. A notable reason is nylon’s ability to withstand exposure to a variety of chemicals without degrading. This includes acids and other corrosive substances. Nylon washers are also preferred for their leak-preventative attributes. They are an optimum choice for applications requiring vibration resistance. Plastic washers for screws can hold automotive bolts in place, improve pressure distribution, and secure radiators.

Their durability improves both engine function and operator safety. They are long-lasting components that retain their strength and resistance to extreme temperatures. Nylon washers are flexible and cost-effective; they are also light and can improve a vehicle’s efficiency.

Plastic washers are versatile and easily customizable to specific dimensions. Extremely pliable, they offer the maximum amount of flexibility in their shape. Nylon washers can be extruded, molded, or stamped into a host of designs, which makes them ideal for automotive purposes. 

Plastic Washer Applications for the Automotive Industry

The demand for non-metal parts in the automotive industry continues to grow. This includes the demands for end laminations for motor parts, the use of high-precision custom gaskets, and high-performance washers.

New Process Fibre offers parts created from both water- and oil-resistant materials. This ensures the component can withstand extreme temperature changes and prevent corrosion. 

There is a seemingly endless array of automotive uses for plastic washers: 

  • Fenders
  • The exhaust system
  • Airbag systems
  • Brake systems
  • Engine compartments
  • Gasoline motors 

Plastic Washers for Electric Vehicles

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to soar. This has provided insight into what consumers want out of their automobiles. The modern buyer tends to seek automotive options that are eco-friendly and affordable. The popularity of plastic components has grown alongside this trend, and with good reason.

Weight reduction is a necessity for electric vehicles. This allows the electric car to achieve greater distances between charges and helps manufacturers simplify their steps to meet increasingly strict government regulations.

Plastic washers can be manufactured with specific customizations in size and capability. Heat-resistant additives can ensure your washer withstands even the most demanding environments. Plastic can be manipulated to rival, or surpass, the tensile strength of metal while reducing weight. Plastic parts also tend to be less expensive than metal, which assists the electric automotive producer with controlling costs and improving profits.

We are a manufacturer of high-quality components for electric vehicles, using non-metallic materials such as nylon, plastic, fibre, and Teflon. Common applications for plastic washers in electric vehicles are door panel components, battery casings, and squeak-resistant parts.

Plastic Washers for the Automotive Industry

New Process Fibre offers years of non-metallic fabrication experience and expertise. We manufacture only optimum-quality washers for the automotive industry. Please contact us today to speak with an expert about automotive industry applications for nylon washers.  


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