Black Nylon Washers for the Automotive Industry

Black Nylon Washers: Ideal for Automotive Applications

Demanding automotive customers rely on us at New Process Fibre Company for our excellent quality parts and in-house custom manufacturing capabilities. We offer the industry’s most flexible, versatile, and in-demand products, including black nylon washers. Highly preferred throughout the automotive industry, black nylon washers offer a strong and favorable alternative to metals. Nylon is economical, tough, and flexible, as well as chemical- and vibration-resistant. We are proud to offer automotive OEMs with a complete range of nylon solutions for self-retaining washers.

The Benefits of Black NylonRetaining Washers #2

Automotive applications benefit from black nylon washers on many different levels. First of all, these products weigh much less than their metal counterparts. This can contribute to a serious reduction in overall vehicle weight, particularly in heavy engine blocks and mechanical pieces.

Less weight increases fuel efficiency; studies have found that a 10% reduction in weight can translate into a 5-7% improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency. Reduced weight also increases the overall lifetime of vehicles and decreases emissions, helping to contribute to lower environmental costs and promoting sustainability.

The chemical-resistant properties of black nylon prevent washers from weakening or corroding while being in contact with petroleum and oil-based chemicals. These washers offer excellent overall durability against pressure, wear, and tear.

Nylon is also very versatile, allowing for unparalleled workability, flexibility, and design freedom to manufacture whatever shape is needed for any specific automotive application. The overall result of using these products is maximized quality and cost efficiency, with durable nylon that maintains its rigidity in virtually any automotive application–and at significantly lower costs than metal washers.

A Trusted, Industry-Leading Supplier

At New Process Fibre Company, our nylon washers are among the most trusted in the industry. We are fully PPAP compliant as a tier 2 and 3 supplier, ensuring that our work meets the highest levels of quality.

Our black nylon washers are employed by some of the biggest names in the auto industry, including Ford, Chrysler, and Jaguar. We maintain a tremendous inventory of nylon materials and 75 punch presses, with a dedicated, experienced tooling department that can produce all varieties of custom orders in-house. For more information about our nylon washers, please visit this page. To find out more about our black nylon washers and how they can fulfill the requirements for your automotive application, please contact us directly.


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