An Overview of New Process Fibre

For generations, New Process Fibre’s family-owned business has strived to provide ever-improving products and maximum quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. As the business continues to grow and innovate, we are improving on processes and providing critical non-metallic stamping solutions to a variety of industries.

As New Process Fibre enters its third generation, our family’s desire to improve operations has only become stronger. As a one-stop shop for all of your plastic washer needs, our experts can provide Nylon, Teflon™PTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and many other types of plastic washers, all while remaining under one roof. You can learn more about New Process Fibre by checking out our new video.

An Overview of New Process Fibre

Your Reliable Non-Metallic Manufacturer

New Process Fibre is an experienced custom manufacturer for a variety of top-quality non-metallic components. Since 1927, we’ve been at the forefront of non-metallic solutions. Ever since, we’ve been dedicated to delivering innovations designed to enhance quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. We perform all of our operations under one roof in our Greenwood, Delaware campus, allowing us to keep a close eye on production quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

By streamlining the supply chain, you can be assured that you’re doing business with a reliable partner. With a wide range of production equipment, raw material storage, an extensive material selection, and the ability to extrude our own plastics, we can meet any of your needs with a fast turnaround. We are proud to manufacture all of our products in America, and we’d love to work with you on your next project. 

New Process Fibre: 1927 To the Present

Carl Porter started New Process Fibre in 1927 with a strong desire to enhance manufacturing processes. In fact, the company’s name is derived from the innovative process that Porter created for a new, more affordable way of transforming cotton paper into vulcanized fibre. With guidance from Porter’s son-in-law, Henry Peters, New Process Fibre moved towards enhancing all aspects of the non-metallic stamping process, which included vulcanized fiber washers.

Today, New Process Fibre continues to improve products, ensure optimal quality, and maintain cost-effectiveness. With a dedication to keeping all manufacturing operations in-house, we ensure that every aspect of the non-metallic stamping process meets the highest standards for quality. Our on-site capabilities include:

  • Extruding our own thermoplastics
  • In-house tool room with EDM capabilities, enabling us to make our own tooling
  • A wide range of production equipment, allowing us to complete projects ranging from small prototype runs to multi-million piece production

As experts in non-metallic manufacturing, we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality to our customers. With a wide material selection and state-of-the-art tooling, we can create custom plastic washers in various colors, thicknesses, and diameters to meet a range of application requirements. 

Our “Under One Roof” Philosophy

At New Process Fibre, we perform all of our operations in-house, which really sets us apart from the competitors. Specifically, we offer:

  • Slitting and shearing. We can form sheets, strips, coils, and rolls from a wide range of non-metallic materials, including NEMA grade materials.
  • Extrusion and slitting. We can extrude various non-metallic materials into coils, rolls, strips, and sheets in a range of dimensions.
  • Tool and die making. Our superior tooling facilities allow us to create both basic and intricate tooling and dies using the latest technology to reduce overall cycle time.
  • Non-metallic stamping services. With over 75 punch presses, more than 7,500 washer dies, and a range of colors and materials, New Process Fibre can create non-metallic parts to meet your specific needs.

For more information about our capabilities, or to work with us on your next non-metallic manufacturing project, contact New Process Fibre today. 

New Process Fibre: Made in America

For the last several years, reshoring has emerged as a trend in manufacturing, and American companies have gradually moved their operations back home from overseas. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced this movement, as disruptions in the global supply chain have catalyzed many companies to produce domestically. As a result, American industrial manufacturing is poised to grow now more than ever.

Changing consumer culture has significantly lessened the advantages once enjoyed by offshore manufacturing, such as reduced labor costs. Consumers expect to receive their orders quickly, are conscious of where their products are made, and demand both high-quality goods and safe working conditions for the people who make them. 

Working with a U.S. manufacturer will help you address these demands. New Process Fibre is a proud Made in the U.S.A. company headquartered in Delaware, and we’re happy to share with our clients the benefits of manufacturing in America. 

Benefits of Partnering with an American Manufacturer

made in america flag metal icon

Partnering with an American manufacturer simplifies logistics, improves quality control, and increases cost savings. Here are just several ways reshoring is mutually beneficial to manufacturers and their business partners.

Lower Costs

Overseas shipping is expensive, and the long journey offers ample opportunities for delays and mistakes. With shorter domestic transportation routes, the money saved on fuel, taxes, and other fees can be passed on to the client.

Offshore production errors can also be costly, since mistakes may not be identified until the finished products arrive on U.S. soil. In an American facility, those errors can be identified and corrected more quickly, which prevents waste and saves money. 

Faster Turnaround Times

Shipping products across oceans takes time, as does waiting at the port, unloading the containers, and reloading them onto trucks that will take them to their destinations. If there’s a mistake in the production run, it might not be realized until the items arrive in the United States. At that point, shipping time has been wasted on the incorrect products and must be redone. If there’s a change to your order, the information has to cross multiple time zones, which means a correction may not be made until the next day.

U.S. manufacturing greatly reduces or even eliminates those challenges and delays. With shorter lead times, you’ll be able to produce and sell goods more quickly. As a result, you can keep up with increasing demand and contribute to faster economic growth.

Better Quality

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New Process Fibre Made in America

U.S. manufacturers are held to U.S. regulations set by the government. This includes standards for product quality, labor, and the environment. Products made overseas are done so under the regulations of that country, which may not be as stringent as those for U.S. production.

Company leaders also face more challenges trying to enforce quality control measures. Overseas working conditions may not be as safe or comfortable. Plus, the negative impact on the environment is greater—not only because of the carbon footprint associated with long shipping routes, but also because environmental protections in other countries may be lax.

New Process Fibre: A Made in the USA Company

New Process Fibre has been a family-run American manufacturer since 1927. The reshoring movement is evidence of what we’ve known all along: our processes are simpler and our clients enjoy lower prices, faster turnarounds, and higher-quality products because we manufacture here in the United States.

We create everything in-house with our state-of-the-art tooling and wide selection of materials to meet your high expectations. Our products have applications in power tools, furniture, fasteners, medical equipment, farm and garden equipment, aerospace, military, and more. While maintaining compliance with REACH and ISO, our experienced team works closely with each client to ensure a high-quality solution that meets their requirements. We also strive to ensure our products are conflict mineral free

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of American manufacturing or to request a quote for your custom fabrication project. 

Join the New Process Team at Industrial Fastener Expo 2017!

Our New Process Fibre (NPF) team is excited to be attending the Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo, the largest fastener show in the United States, from October 17–19th in Las Vegas. Come meet our team, learn more about our products, and talk to one of our experts about a solution to your unique fastener challenge at Booth 656!

With more than 2,000 attendees expected to attend and over 600 vendors set to showcase their diverse products, the Expo will be a great chance to meet new suppliers, connect with peers, and learn about the latest innovations in the fastener industry.

See Fastener Technology in Action

The annual event provides exclusive networking opportunities to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, importers, and wholesalers of all types of industrial fasteners and specialty tooling. Live demonstrations on the Expo floor will illustrate the latest developments in fasteners, power tools, hand tools, and machinery suitable for applications across a range of industries, including:

Attendees at the 2016 National Fastener Expo

  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing

NPF’s Event Picks

In addition to the plentiful opportunities to network on the show floor, attendees can also connect via scheduled special events. Every year, the Expo staff plans a range of engaging events and educational panel discussions for attendees. The New Process team will be stopping as many events as possible during their time at the conference, including a few picks from the exciting 2017 lineup:

  • The International Fastener Expo Welcome Reception Party – An event at the Westgate hotel begins at 6:00 pm, where attendees can gather by the pool to meet new contacts or reconnect with old acquaintances.
  • Fastener Technology Workshop – Tuesday, October 17, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm – A full day seminar on working in the fastener industry, covering technical subjects such as product standards and materials, heat treatment, corrosion prevention, vibration loosening and locking techniques, and tightening tools.
  • Young Fastener Professionals Panel Discussion – Tuesday, October 17, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm – A panel discussion, led by the Young Fastener Professionals international trade association, will focus on the association’s core competencies.
  • Hall of Fame, Young Fastener Professional Award, and FTI Scholarship Award Ceremony – On Wednesday, a scholarship candidate will be announced on the show floor, who will receive tuition to the course, “Fastener Training Week” by the Fastener Training Institute. The event will also feature a Hall of Fame ceremony, which honors professionals who make significant contributions to the industry, nationally and globally. Finally, the “Young Fastener Professional of the Year” will be awarded to a professional under 40 who has made significant contributions to the industry in 2017.

About New Process Fibre

Find us at Booth 656 to learn more about our available materials, dependable services, and expert solutions.

Founded in 1927, we are a custom manufacturer of plastic, fibre, and other non-metallic stamped components.  From acetal washers and nylon washers, to custom stamped parts, plastic sheets and rolls, and a range of stamping materials, New Process Fibre has the materials you need to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for extrusion, slitting, or shearing services, tool and die making support, or non-metallic stamped parts, our team is fully equipped to deliver the high-quality solutions you need within a short turnaround time.

Connect with us at the National Industrial Fastener Expo by registering for the event online. Want to schedule a meeting with an expert from our team while at the Expo? Contact us directly.

Why Are Automakers Shifting to Plastic Parts?

Across industries, manufacturers are seeking new ways to optimize product performance while minimizing costs and maximizing production efficiency. In the automotive market, specifically, many companies are now using engineered plastic parts rather than traditional sheet metal.

robots welding in an automobile factoryShifting from metal to plastic stamping material is not a new concept in the automotive industry, having been employed since the 1950s; yet in recent decades, automakers have been learning more about the benefits of advanced plastics and discovering new, innovative ways to implement them.

Rising Popularity of Plastic Components

From thermoformed exterior cladding to injection molded panel components, plastics are becoming increasingly popular — and with good reason. Here are some benefits to making the switch:

  • Lower part cost — Plastic parts are not only more cost-effective to produce than metal, but their lighter weight also makes them less expensive to ship. Secondary processes such as texturing and coloring can also be eliminated and replaced by a single injection molded part. Overall, companies switching to plastics can expect to save 25-50% on part production costs.
  • Increased product life — Plastic parts present a much lower risk of corrosion. Unlike metal, plastic does not rust, and most kinds have increased chemical resistance or made from high heat-resistant plastic, making them less susceptible to environmental stresses.
  • Lower vehicle weight — While reduced part weight saves money on production and transportation costs, it also decreases emissions and improves fuel economy, allowing automakers to more easily meet sustainability standards.
  • Increased strength — In addition to enhanced resistance, many plastic pieces have a higher tensile strength than their metal counterparts. By selecting engineer-grade materials and molding them into an optimized structural design, plastic parts can actually be made stronger than metal.
  • Production efficiency — By using versatile methods such as plastic thermoforming and injection molding, many secondary manufacturing processes can be eliminated altogether, saving manufacturers both time and money. Additionally, these processes are more sustainable, as excess plastic can be easily
    reground for reuse.

Switch from Metal to Plastic with New Process Fibre

Background from rubber, plastic, metal seals for sanitary usesNew Process Fibre is a leader in versatile, nonmetal stamped components, including nylon washers ideal for use in automotive applications. As a family-owned company since 1927, we’re committed to providing our customers the best services in the industry. We offer extruding, stamping, and regrinding capabilities, and can run small prototype runs and large multimillion-piece orders alike. All of our work is done in-house.

If you’re ready to make the switch from metal to plastic in your next project, contact us today to learn more.

Project Highlight: Specialty Washer for an HVAC Player

New Process engineers and technicians received a call from a company in Texas with whom we had never worked. This company was in a tight spot and asked if we could deliver 100,000 specialized non-metallic washers – by the next morning.

The company manufactures compressors used in all of the major HVAC industry players’ products. They usually manufacture their washers in-house, but in this case they needed very tight tolerances that their equipment could not meet. The company asked us to manufacture PTFE washers with a 0.022” thickness and a +/- .002 tolerance.Specialty Washers

Meeting the client’s request under such a tight deadline was a challenge, but was possible because of New Process’ material inventory and state-of-the-art machining capabilities. We had the right PTFE material on hand, but did not have the right die to meet the company’s dimensional requirements. We gathered our tooling department experts together and asked if they could stay late that night to build a new die based on the client’s specific needs.

Our experts rallied together to produce a new die in record time. With the right tooling in place, we were able to start the manufacturing process right away. As soon as the job was  finished, we shipped them to the client and they received their custom-made washers the next day. Upon receiving the parts, we received a phone call from the client, telling us that they had not seen such a clean machining of washers in years, and they needed 10 million more!

Years later, New Process continues to work with this client, making 3 to 4 million parts for them annually.

New Process is here to help with your next project

New Process is a leading manufacturer of non-metallic stamped parts, specifically PTFE and Nylon washers. As this project demonstrates, our team goes above and beyond to get every job done no matter the product specifications or deadline requirements. Our clients value our expertise and work ethic, and consistently rely on us for follow-up projects.


Want to learn more?

Click here to contact us and to discuss how we can help you with your next project.

Delaware’s Manufacturing Industry

At New Process Fibre our facility was recently visited by Sen. Chris Coons as he toured Kent and Sussex counties to speak to manufacturers about their companies, future workers, STEM education, and lean manufacturing. This visit coincides with the senator’s manufacturing bill which he hopes will bring together bipartisan support for legislation that will help manufacturers expand operation and create jobs. Additionally this bill would designate 25 universities as “Manufacturing Universities” which would receive federal money to help align their coursework to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector and help train the next generation of engineers and skilled workers.

As a business that was founded in 1927 we are always looking to improve our company. We have not only increased our product offerings but have improved our processes to ensure our customers always receive a quality product. We pride ourselves on our in-house manufacturing capabilities which allow us to perform every step of the process and fabricate our own tooling to manufacture simple and complex non-metallic components. We’ll continue to follow the senator’s bill and keep our readers informed about improving the manufacturing sector. To stay up-to-date on the manufacturing industry you can follow New Process Fibre on Twitter and LinkedIn and to learn more about our company and commitment to quality visit our website.

America’s Reshoring Efforts

It seems each month this year we have heard news of the economy recovering and more and more American manufacturers are experiencing growth. Recently, the Federal Reserve reported that industrial production continued to increase in June marking one of the strongest quarters in almost four years.

These reports point out that the increase in manufacturing output points to a recovering economy but there are other reasons behind the increase in American-made products. One is the increase in wages abroad. For many years cheap labor was available in other countries like China, but now their wages are rising.

Additionally, our world now moves at a faster pace and many companies want a quick turnaround on products. Choosing an American company can help customers decrease their lead time and receive faster shipping. However, if a customer chooses a company located abroad the cost might be higher to receive the product quickly.

At New Process Fibre we are proud to be a Made in the USA company and all our products are fabricated in-house which allows us to reduce our production cycle time for quick turnaround. To learn more about non-metallic stamped components, visit our website. Our company is also active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post more industry news.

New Process Fibre Receives Positive Results from our ISO Recertification Audit

At New Process Fibre quality is very important to us. We recently underwent a rigorous ISO recertification audit and are excited to announce to our readers that our results were very positive. SAI Global conducted the audit and spent two full days at our facility to review our processes. The auditor thoroughly reviewed each aspect of our business from our processes from management review, to quoting, to production and inventory and everything in between. It was noted on several occasions that we have a very good system in place at New Process Fibre. We were given a few places to improve and we look forward to working on these aspects to help our employees grow individually and our company to grow as an organization to improve our quality management system.

We’d also like to thank each of our employees who helped us through the audit. There was a lot of work we put in leading up and during the audit. We appreciated the attentiveness during the audit and of course are happy that we continue with these high quality processes everyday to ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

To learn more about New Process Fibre and our commitment to quality, visit our website.

This Holiday Season, Help Keep Christmas “Made in America”

It’s been a rough ride for the economy this year. While things stand a chance of improving in 2013 (simply because market downturns always eventually recover from their slumps), the future of the nation’s economy remains uncertain. One could, of course, just stand by the wayside, fold one’s arms across one’s chest, and remain a passive spectator to events as they play out during the next business year. But that’s not how we roll at New Process Fibre. On the contrary, when the going gets rough and the terrain gets unfamiliar, that’s exactly the moment we roll up our sleeves and say to ourselves, “How can we make this a better situation?”

The American economy is still the largest in the world (unless one counts the entire E.U). Our manufacturing sector still surpasses any other country on Earth (though China is a close and worthy contender in terms of production output). But there are always ways of shoring up something to make it that much stronger.

So while the politicians and talking heads wrangle back and forth in Washington about “fiscal cliffs”, etc., we thought we’d take another, simple, more direct approach to addressing the economic situation: buy American before and after Christmas. It’s been estimated that if every American family were to spend a minimum of $64 on American-made products for the holiday season, some 200,000 new jobs could be created. Now granted, many of these jobs would be temporary holiday jobs in retail and packaging/shipping. That being said, if there was a consistent and overwhelming demand for American-made goods this December and early January, things would be looking up for a lot of hard-pressed, hard-working folks in the manufacturing sector. In short, it might well be some medicine this country needs.

It’s not like we’re seers gazing into crystal balls here. We’re a company that deals with realities: we confront real problems with real solutions. And for our money, this is as good a short-run solution to jumpstarting our economy in the right direction that we’re able to see. Leave the politics to the politicians. Let Americans help Americans.


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