Project Highlight: Specialty Washer for an HVAC Player

New Process engineers and technicians received a call from a company in Texas with whom we had never worked. This company was in a tight spot and asked if we could deliver 100,000 specialized non-metallic washers – by the next morning.

The company manufactures compressors used in all of the major HVAC industry players’ products. They usually manufacture their washers in-house, but in this case they needed very tight tolerances that their equipment could not meet. The company asked us to manufacture PTFE washers with a 0.022” thickness and a +/- .002 tolerance.Specialty Washers

Meeting the client’s request under such a tight deadline was a challenge, but was possible because of New Process’ material inventory and state-of-the-art machining capabilities. We had the right PTFE material on hand, but did not have the right die to meet the company’s dimensional requirements. We gathered our tooling department experts together and asked if they could stay late that night to build a new die based on the client’s specific needs.

Our experts rallied together to produce a new die in record time. With the right tooling in place, we were able to start the manufacturing process right away. As soon as the job was  finished, we shipped them to the client and they received their custom-made washers the next day. Upon receiving the parts, we received a phone call from the client, telling us that they had not seen such a clean machining of washers in years, and they needed 10 million more!

Years later, New Process continues to work with this client, making 3 to 4 million parts for them annually.

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New Process is a leading manufacturer of non-metallic stamped parts, specifically PTFE and Nylon washers. As this project demonstrates, our team goes above and beyond to get every job done no matter the product specifications or deadline requirements. Our clients value our expertise and work ethic, and consistently rely on us for follow-up projects.


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