Heat Resistant Nylon Washers

Heat resistant nylon washers are used in a variety of industrial and domestic applications because of their unique combination of properties. They are preferred to other materials that have one or two desirable features. These components have an exceptional strength when subjected to high temperatures and inherent flame extinguishing properties.

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It is for these reasons that it widely used in a number of industries such as the automotive industry, lighting and in electrical appliances. These plastic rings have the ability to resist temperatures, which is a high as 400F.

At this high temperature, this material can still maintain its dimensional stability. It doesn’t lose its shape; be it contracting or expanding. Furthermore, it maintains all the desirable physical and chemical properties. It is, therefore, undebatable that these components have a lot of advantages that come with their use. The following is a list of the benefits of these heat-resistant nylon washers.

NylonMdsThey are long lasting. Since they are heat resistant, it means that these rings have a long lifespan before they wear out. Unlike other types of materials used to make these washer components, those made of nylon do not wear and tear even under extreme temperatures. For this reason, they can protect components for years. You don’t need to worry if your machine or appliance is assembled with these components. It will operate optimally even at very high temperatures.

They are cost effective. Since these washers are durable and have a long service life, this implies that you will reduce the maintenance costs significantly. This is because you won’t replace these parts as frequent as you would replace those manufactured from other materials. These machine components will ensure that you do not go purchasing them time and again. It is one of the main reasons why a number of industries prefer this material to other washers manufactured from other metal alloys. Apart from this, they are cheaper to produce as compared to the metal washers. Generally, this will result in significant cost saving thereby availing an opportunity to maximize on profits.

Heat resistant nylon washers are usually placed between two joints. It is for this reason that they are used in appliances that are heat sensitive. These washers act as heat insulators thereby protecting the equipment from burning out. They can be used as protective devices. This is why they have replaced metal washers that are good conductors of heat.

Weight; this is another feature that most engineers and designers do consider when designing various parts and components. Even though there are other plastics and materials with the same physical and chemical properties, nylon washers are some of the lightest components available in the market. This ensures that the assembled component can be handled easily. It is even crucial for those components that should be moved from one point to the other.

Another advantage of heat resistant plastic machine components is that they are readily available compared to their kinds like metals or polycarbonates. The manufacturing process is not that demanding hence, the cheaper price.

These devices are highly recommended for applications that are associated with very high temperatures. These may include boilers or conveyor belt systems.


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