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For the last several years, reshoring has emerged as a trend in manufacturing, and American companies have gradually moved their operations back home from overseas. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced this movement, as disruptions in the global supply chain have catalyzed many companies to produce domestically. As a result, American industrial manufacturing is poised to grow now more than ever.

Changing consumer culture has significantly lessened the advantages once enjoyed by offshore manufacturing, such as reduced labor costs. Consumers expect to receive their orders quickly, are conscious of where their products are made, and demand both high-quality goods and safe working conditions for the people who make them. 

Working with a U.S. manufacturer will help you address these demands. New Process Fibre is a proud Made in the U.S.A. company headquartered in Delaware, and we’re happy to share with our clients the benefits of manufacturing in America. 

Benefits of Partnering with an American Manufacturer

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Partnering with an American manufacturer simplifies logistics, improves quality control, and increases cost savings. Here are just several ways reshoring is mutually beneficial to manufacturers and their business partners.

Lower Costs

Overseas shipping is expensive, and the long journey offers ample opportunities for delays and mistakes. With shorter domestic transportation routes, the money saved on fuel, taxes, and other fees can be passed on to the client.

Offshore production errors can also be costly, since mistakes may not be identified until the finished products arrive on U.S. soil. In an American facility, those errors can be identified and corrected more quickly, which prevents waste and saves money. 

Faster Turnaround Times

Shipping products across oceans takes time, as does waiting at the port, unloading the containers, and reloading them onto trucks that will take them to their destinations. If there’s a mistake in the production run, it might not be realized until the items arrive in the United States. At that point, shipping time has been wasted on the incorrect products and must be redone. If there’s a change to your order, the information has to cross multiple time zones, which means a correction may not be made until the next day.

U.S. manufacturing greatly reduces or even eliminates those challenges and delays. With shorter lead times, you’ll be able to produce and sell goods more quickly. As a result, you can keep up with increasing demand and contribute to faster economic growth.

Better Quality

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New Process Fibre Made in America

U.S. manufacturers are held to U.S. regulations set by the government. This includes standards for product quality, labor, and the environment. Products made overseas are done so under the regulations of that country, which may not be as stringent as those for U.S. production.

Company leaders also face more challenges trying to enforce quality control measures. Overseas working conditions may not be as safe or comfortable. Plus, the negative impact on the environment is greater—not only because of the carbon footprint associated with long shipping routes, but also because environmental protections in other countries may be lax.

New Process Fibre: A Made in the USA Company

New Process Fibre has been a family-run American manufacturer since 1927. The reshoring movement is evidence of what we’ve known all along: our processes are simpler and our clients enjoy lower prices, faster turnarounds, and higher-quality products because we manufacture here in the United States.

We create everything in-house with our state-of-the-art tooling and wide selection of materials to meet your high expectations. Our products have applications in power tools, furniture, fasteners, medical equipment, farm and garden equipment, aerospace, military, and more. While maintaining compliance with REACH and ISO, our experienced team works closely with each client to ensure a high-quality solution that meets their requirements. We also strive to ensure our products are conflict mineral free

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of American manufacturing or to request a quote for your custom fabrication project. 


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