America’s Reshoring Efforts

It seems each month this year we have heard news of the economy recovering and more and more American manufacturers are experiencing growth. Recently, the Federal Reserve reported that industrial production continued to increase in June marking one of the strongest quarters in almost four years.

These reports point out that the increase in manufacturing output points to a recovering economy but there are other reasons behind the increase in American-made products. One is the increase in wages abroad. For many years cheap labor was available in other countries like China, but now their wages are rising.

Additionally, our world now moves at a faster pace and many companies want a quick turnaround on products. Choosing an American company can help customers decrease their lead time and receive faster shipping. However, if a customer chooses a company located abroad the cost might be higher to receive the product quickly.

At New Process Fibre we are proud to be a Made in the USA company and all our products are fabricated in-house which allows us to reduce our production cycle time for quick turnaround. To learn more about non-metallic stamped components, visit our website. Our company is also active on Twitter and LinkedIn where we post more industry news.


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