Black Nylon Spacers & Washers

Black nylon washers have been known for most of their desirable characteristics that make them suitable for industrial uses. Although these components come in different colors such as red and white, black nylons have similar properties like every other element.

nylon washersWhat qualifies these washers to be suitable for industrial applications is the fact that they are resistant to harsh chemicals, are flexible, resistant to molds and also vibration resistant. Below are some of the industrial applications of these essential engineering parts:

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Automotive Industry: They are used to assemble different parts and components in the automotive industry. They hold the assembled parts tight while making the engine and other parts to have a lightweight. This is because the washers are not as heavy as the metal washers. The black nylon washers are resistant to chemicals such as petroleum and oil products. A reason why they are used to assemble engine parts.

Construction Industry: In this industry, these plastic rings come in handy. They are used to secure bolts and nuts or when required to provide spacers that are needed to help secure fasteners. While it is a fact this industry deals with materials containing loads of weight, these components find their use because of their characteristic ability to compress under extreme pressure. They are also used while joining metals with the purpose of preventing the metal parts from rusting. These components are chosen for this job because of their ability to be resistant to rust.

Material Handling Industries: There is a lot of wear and tear of machine parts in this kind of industries. This is because of the constant movements experienced by the machines and robots while handling heavy materials from one point to another. To prevent constant wearing of these parts, black plastic washers are used. These machine components are preferred because of their characteristic of being resistant to high friction. This is because these components offer high strength material that is also stiff and tough.

Petrochemical Industry: In this type of industries, there is the production of a lot of heat and temperatures, there is also a variety of different chemicals that are dealt with. These types of plastic components are therefore widely used in such industries. This is because these parts can withstand such extreme environmental conditions like extreme heat or reactive chemicals. These washers are used in petrochemical industries to secure several equipment and machines such as chemical storage tanks, heat exchangers, compression equipment and even in the fired heaters and boilers.

Electronic Industry: Black nylon spacers are mostly used in low-cost insulators for many electrical and electronic equipment. These components provide an excellent electrical insulation. They also find their use in the prevention of electrolytic corrosion. Also, because of their good anti-vibration properties, it means that they can be used in moving electrical parts. These components are also used to mount electronic components discreetly onto printed circuit boards. Their typical application includes the domestic electrical appliances such as the blender.

Ideally, these black washers can be used in nearly all industrial and domestic applications. This is due to the superlative physical and chemical properties of the intrinsic material used to manufacture the washers (nylon).

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