Nylon is an ideal choice for the plumbing industry for a variety of reasons: it has very good wear, temperature, and chemical resistance; it is strong and very durable; and it is flexible and vibration resistant. Moreover, Nylon can replace metals in many plumbing applications, offering the same level of performance at a lower cost.

While moisture absorption does occur in most Nylon materials, the impact strength and energy absorption characteristics of the material actually improve as it absorbs water. However, at the same time the tensile strength and the stiffness of Nylon decreases, and some elongation occurs. As long as these effects are properly accounted for, Nylon can be used safely in plumbing applications.

Due to its high elasticity, Nylon can also replace plastics and rubbers in plumbing applications. Some Nylons (including Nylon 6) are softer than others, and provide very high quality male-to-female connections. That is why Nylon is often used in faucets, shower heads, and sprinkler heads.

To further improve its mechanical and thermal properties, Nylon can be combined with glass fibres, beads, or carbon fibres.

New Process Fibre is The Solution for Nonmetallic Plumbing Parts

Our plumbing industry customers appreciate the fact that we invest in top-of-the-line machinery. We are very confident in our capacity to fabricate Nylon washers to the highest possible standards.

With our 75 punch presses (14 high-speed) in a range of tonnage ratings, a stock of more than 8,000 washer dies, and an extensive inventory of Nylon materials in various colors, we can fabricate almost any standard or custom plumbing industry solution.

But that’s not why we are the best in the industry. We beat the competition because:

  • We have been in this business for close to 90 years
  • We are a highly trusted supplier of Nylon washers, and have good relationships with many plumbing industry players
  • We make our own washer die-sets in-house
  • We provide very fast turnaround times for both short and long production runs
  • We can fabricate custom Nylon washers to just about any dimensional specification you need
  • We complete the entire manufacturing process at our facility — that means no outsourcing

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