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What is the Difference Between “Fibre” and “Fiber”?

At New Process Fibre, one of the questions we hear most often has nothing to do with the products we manufacture or the processes we use to do so. Rather, it has to do with a word — what is the difference between “fibre” and “fiber,” such as in “fibre washers” and “fiber washers“? The […]

Acetal: Tougher Than You Think

Truly versatile, high-performance materials, acetal homopolymer and copolymer resins can be used in a wide range of applications. Although many compounds have an acetal function group, polyoxymethylene is most commonly referred to as “acetal.” A homopolymer, which means the same molecular unit repeats throughout the polymer chain, polyoxymethylene specifically features a very high melting point […]

Understanding Sheet and Coil Extrusion

What is Extrusion? Extrusion is a manufacturing process in which raw materials are pressed through a cross-sectional die to form one continuous profile. This process allows for the creation of highly complex cross sections from brittle materials. Extrusion is used to produce items such as tubing, fencing, seals, railings, sheets, and window frames. When extruding […]

Non-Metallic & Plastic Material Selection Criteria

Much more than simply picking texture or color, plastic material selection criteria can greatly affect performance, safety, and durability. In order to make the right choice for your application, it’s important to know a material’s unique characteristics and how they will affect your specific project. To effectively answer these questions, you’ll need to be familiar […]

Customer Highlight: How NPF Improved Yield

Since 1927, New Process Fibre has been committed to producing high performance, cost-effective products. By performing every step of our manufacturing process in-house rather than outsourcing, we maintain oversight of the entire project to eliminate discrepancies, ensure timely delivery, and provide customers with high quality finished products. One of our customers, recently utilized our in-house […]


Choosing Plastic Extrusion or Non-Metallic Stamping For Your Project Needs?

Manufacturers use a variety of fabrication techniques for producing non-metal goods. Each production method comes with distinct advantages and benefits based on the design, the material, the order volume, and the goals of the project. Non-metallic stamping and plastic extrusion are two of the most popular techniques used for realizing creative and effected designs out […]

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Avoid Outsourcing: Add New Process Fibre to Your Supply Chain

Imagine a world of manufacturing with zero outsourcing, vast material options, and experts on every project — that’s exactly what you get when you work with New Process Fibre (NPF). After almost 90 years in business, our team is skilled at working quickly and cost-effectively to ensure that even the most unique custom projects move […]

How NPF Maintains Quality With the Use of Keyence IM 6225

As part of our continued dedication to excellence in quality, New Process Fibre (NPF) has recently acquired and integrated a Keyence Instant Measurement (IM) 6225 Image Dimension Measurement System into our quality assurance processes. An optical comparator, the IM 6225 is a cutting edge precision measuring system. It features highly precise optic components and a […]

Sourcing Nylon Washers: Stamped vs. Molded

Nylon is a family of chemical, heat, and wear-resistant materials that are frequently used in diverse industry applications including aerospace and military, automotive, construction, marine, plumbing, and healthcare. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), nylon’s versatile properties and durability make nylon washers excellent replacements for standard metallic washers. The two most popular methods to source and […]

Black Nylon Washers for the Automotive Industry

Black Nylon Washers: Ideal for Automotive Applications Demanding automotive customers rely on us at New Process Fibre Company for our excellent quality parts and in-house custom manufacturing capabilities. We offer the industry’s most flexible, versatile, and in-demand products, including black nylon washers. Highly preferred throughout the automotive industry, black nylon washers offer a strong and […]



Download Material Selection Guide:Nylon and TeflonTM PTFE

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