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No Tooling Charges for Standard Non-metallic Flat Washers

If you have Non-metallic Flat Washer needs with outside diameters measuring up to 2.5 inches,  New Process Fibre will stamped them and not charge you any tooling costs for quantities beginning at 5,000 pieces. New Process Fibre is an ISO 9001:2008 non-metallic stamping company manufacturing Flat Washers and Specialty Washers from a large variety of materials such […]

H. Hoyt Heinmuller – 6 Sigma Black Belt -Joins New Process Fibre

We are pleased to announce the addition of H. Hoyt Heinmuller as the new Director of Quality Assurance for New Process Fibre Company.  Hoyt began working at New Process Fibre on March 30th.  Hoyt comes to us from Hi-Tech Plastics in Mission, TX where he was the Corporate Quality Manager.  Prior to that, Hoyt worked for […]

Stamped Parts Using NEMA Grade Laminates

At New Process Fibre NEMA Grade Laminates are stamped into components ranging from 0.005″ to 0.250″ in thickness and are used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial, Marine, Petroleum and Power Distribution Industries. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) designated laminates are unclad materials comprised of different resin systems, such as Epoxy, Phenolic, Silicone, Melamine and […]

PTFE Washers and Spacers for Wear Resistance

New Process Fibre PTFE Washers and Spacers are strong candidates for your wear resistant fastener applications because they have excellent chemical and thermal properties.  PTFE Washers and Spacers exhibit: · Excellent dielectric properties · Good dimensional stability · High compressibility, high creep resistance, and low thermal conductivity · High melt temperature · Inert to most […]

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