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The Search for a Comprehensive Industrial Bolt/Washer Smartphone App

Have you ever tried, maybe late at night or on your lunch-break, to come up a brand-new, revolutionary, “game-changing” app for a Smartphone? If so, well then join the crowd, my friend. While there are a million good/bad/somewhere-in-between ideas floating around for new apps, it’s become quite a money-making hobby for those who have the […]

This Holiday Season, Help Keep Christmas “Made in America”

It’s been a rough ride for the economy this year. While things stand a chance of improving in 2013 (simply because market downturns always eventually recover from their slumps), the future of the nation’s economy remains uncertain. One could, of course, just stand by the wayside, fold one’s arms across one’s chest, and remain a […]

Black Friday: an American Tradition, a New Process Fibre Exhibition

Let’s face it: readers of this blog, or their loved ones, or their friends, or their friends of friends of friends, have no doubt participated in the modern American tradition known as “Black Friday”. For anyone out there who wants to feign his or her innocence, Black Friday starts pretty much the moment after Thanksgiving […]

Looking Forward to Seeing You at This Year’s POWER-GEN in Orlando!

What is it with Orlando, Florida and cutting-edge technological conventions? Hey, it isn’t like we’re complaining. Florida in mid-December? Sounds like a plan to us. But in all seriousness, the POWER-GEN International Convention at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL is an event we’ve been looking forward to ever since the beginning of […]

The Developing Trend of “Smart” Kitchen Appliances

Study after study shows that we as a country work some of the longest, hardest work hours per day on the planet. It may come as a shock to some of our readers that Americans in fact work – according to one online source – “137 more hours per year than Japanese workers.” 85.8% of […]

The Benefits of Doing Business with OEMs

It’s not like we have anything against the distribution companies. If it wasn’t for the business ventures we’ve formed with our distributive partners over the years, there would be a lot less of our quality products in circulation around the world, and a lot less business for a lot of hard-working, well-deserving companies. New Process […]

New Process Steps Up Its Golf Game

Like any healthy, red-blooded American company should always be doing, we at New Process are always scouting out new opportunities – and new industries – for our manufactured parts and services. Sometimes the ideas come to nothing, but other times the ideas pick up steam, gradually becoming realities. In the case of the North American […]

Making a Lasting Impact on the Home and Garden Industry, Abroad and at “Home”

It seems everyone around the world these days wants a nice house and garden. Nothing wrong with that! What began as an American suburban phenomenon after World War Two – the rolling miles of suburban tract homes with their well-trimmed front lawns and neatly-kept backyards – has mushroomed into a global industry. Places like China, […]

Nylon Washers Have Many Industry Uses

With 85 years of manufacturing experience, New Process Fibre is a manufacturer of Non-metallic Stamped Components.  One of the many components we make are Flat Washers. Nylon Flat Washers are just a few types of what we make.  There are many uses for Nylon Flat Washers all over the world.  It is an excellent wear […]

All Under One Roof

These days there are not a lot of companies left that do turnkey jobs under one roof. With the proliferation of outsourcing and 3rd party contractors, many of our competitors have never invested the time or money into building up their own capabilities. It does help that we’ve been a leader in non-metallic stamping since […]



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