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How NPF Maintains Quality With the Use of Keyence IM 6225

As part of our continued dedication to excellence in quality, New Process Fibre (NPF) has recently acquired and integrated a Keyence Instant Measurement (IM) 6225 Image Dimension Measurement System into our quality assurance processes. An optical comparator, the IM 6225 is a cutting edge precision measuring system. It features highly precise optic components and a […]

Sourcing Nylon Washers: Stamped vs. Molded

Nylon is a family of chemical, heat, and wear-resistant materials that are frequently used in diverse industry applications including aerospace and military, automotive, construction, marine, plumbing, and healthcare. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), nylon’s versatile properties and durability make nylon washers excellent replacements for standard metallic washers. The two most popular methods to source and […]

Black Nylon Washers for the Automotive Industry

Black Nylon Washers: Ideal for Automotive Applications Demanding automotive customers rely on us at New Process Fibre Company for our excellent quality parts and in-house custom manufacturing capabilities. We offer the industry’s most flexible, versatile, and in-demand products, including black nylon washers. Highly preferred throughout the automotive industry, black nylon washers offer a strong and […]

The Benefits of Using Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6, and Nylon MDS Over Metal

Manufacturers have considerable options when it comes to selecting material to create nonmetallic stamped parts. Nylon is becoming increasingly popular because of its versatility, especially in nonmetallic washers. With its many product variations, nylon is exceptionally well-suited for use in a range of industries. The material, in its different forms, is ubiquitous in food processing […]

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Project Highlight: Specialty Washer for an HVAC Player

New Process engineers and technicians received a call from a company in Texas with whom we had never worked. This company was in a tight spot and asked if we could deliver 100,000 specialized non-metallic washers – by the next morning. The company manufactures compressors used in all of the major HVAC industry players’ products. […]

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Using PTFE & Nylon 6 in Plumbing Applications

When choosing the right materials for plumbing applications, water resistance and durability are paramount. While metals have traditionally been used for plumbing components, there are non-metallic alternatives capable of the same level of performance as metals, but are often less expensive. Nylon 6 and PTFE are just two examples. Nylon 6 Nylon 6 is often […]

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PTFE: A Versatile Material

PTFE is used in many industrial and commercial applications, including cabling, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) resin is a paraffin polymer with some or all of the hydrogen atoms replaced with fluorine atoms. It is classified as a thermoplastic and has a low coefficient of friction, excellent insulating properties, and is chemically inert (to […]

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Nylon: The Multi-Faceted Non-Metallic Material

When most people think of Nylon, chances are that they think of the type of fabric that you might find in a t-shirt or a pair of gym shorts. The truth is, however, that nylon is a strong and highly versatile material. It is used in the commercial, industrial, and specialty fields, including the medical […]


Why Choose Vulcanized Fibre?

Vulcanized fibre is a natural blend of fibrous materials that are heat-treated to create a hard rubber. It is one of the first plastics ever developed and continues to be highly useful for sealing hardware such as plastic washers and gaskets. Fibres that may be incorporated into vulcanized rubber include wood pulp, paper, and fabric […]


Common Material Options for Non-Metal Stamping

Engineers today know full well of the growing need for specialized and custom materials for stamping. As applications have become more specialized, so too have the materials and configurations available for non-metal stamped products. With the great array of advancements being made across industries, new applications and processes are increasing the demand for alternatives to […]



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