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New Process – An Important Player in HVACR Manufacturing

The HVACR industry is a vast and complex one, affecting many people and businesses alike.  Issues like energy efficiency and power sources, the function and future of the energy grid, and many more are some of the fundamental areas of attention and growth within the industry.  Every year at the AHR Expo, the players in […]

Specialty Washers: Form Follows Function

At New Process, as you may have gathered if you’re a regular reader here on our blog, one of our favorite things to talk about is our custom work.  Custom discs, custom end laminations, custom gaskets, custom insulators, spacers, tags, other parts, etc. – you get the picture.  It’s our niche, we do it well, […]

The Advantages of High Speed Stamping

Sometimes for one reason or another, manufacturers or assemblers find themselves in need of a large quantity of parts on an emergency deadline.  Maybe the original parts you ordered were defective, maybe they never showed up, maybe you were shipped the wrong thing – emergencies in the supply chain are an unfortunate eventuality if you’re […]

Vertical Integration and Single Source Stamping

You may have heard of the term “vertical integration”.  It’s often used in the context of discussion about big oil or the steel industry around the time of the industrial revolution.  It refers to the unified oversight or control of several separate processes involved in a particular business or industry.  It’s an interesting phenomenon that […]

How Experience Affects the Manufacture of Non-metallics

As a true custom manufacturer, we at New Process Fibre have a wealth of experience with the various processes involved in non-metallic component manufacture.  Part of this expertise includes the knowledge of how our manufacturing processes affect the different materials we work with, and how to correctly arrive at a given specification within the tolerances […]

Measuring our Standards of Service

The subject of standards of measurement is fascinating.  The standards of measure in the U.S. and elsewhere, for all different sorts of units, are various, and constantly changing.  Perhaps the most common to encounter is the two primary measurements of length: namely, feet or meters, which are the primary units of the systems commonly referred to […]

The Business of Spring-time Improvement

Spring is here, and if you think like we do here at New Process, then that means it’s finally time for many Americans to begin all of those lawn and garden projects that are forestalled in the winter.  Dusting off the garden tools, getting the hose out of the shed, and making sure their lawnmowers […]

A New Housing Boom Causes a New Power Tool Market to Buzz

The facts on the ground are hard to dispute, and in this case that’s a good thing: Fox News reports that US residential construction continues to rise after finishing off its best business year since the Housing Bubble collapse of 2008. In December alone, construction companies broke ground on approximately 954,000 houses and apartment units […]

Mylar and PTFE for Frontline Technology: Custom-Made for Aerospace/Defense

Throughout our 85 year history as a company, we’ve seen considerable experience in extruding, slitting, shearing, and stamping customized polymer components for some of the most sophisticated technologies the world has ever known.  More specifically, we’re talking about America’s aerospace/defense industry. With a team of experts including those with extensive background in aerospace military manufacturing, […]

Tufted Chairs Are Identified Among the Top Decorating Trends for 2013

The American furniture industry has taken some tough hits from foreign competitors in the past few years. Pitted against cheap overseas labor, and with the North American tannery industry essentially vanished, it’s taken some time for “Big Furniture” to catch its breath and calibrate its next step. Traditionally based throughout North Carolina and western Ohio, […]

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