The Importance of Material Selection

Material selection, one of the most significant decisions in any project, impacts almost every aspect of a particular application. One of our clients recently experienced the challenges of poor material selection firsthand; when they began encountering problems with their stripper feeder machines, they approached the New Process Fibre team for a new material solution.

The Challenge

Our client was using fluoropolymer PTFE washers in their stripper feeder machines, which were used to sort letters and packages. The PTFE, however, needed constant replacement as it was wearing down due to the friction between the material and the machines’ metal parts.

To further the agency’s challenges, PTFE prices rose and became increasingly volatile as raw material prices fluctuated and stringent environmental guidelines impacted the market. Our client’s frequent PTFE replacements were leading to increased expenditures and downtime. They needed a reliable solution that would allow the stripper feeders to run continuously without fail.

The Solution

After evaluating the situation, the team at New Process Fibre recommended replacing the PTFE with nylon MDS, an extruded version of nylon 6/6 with the addition of fine particles of molybdenum disulphide (MDS, or MoS2). This material was particularly well suited to the clients’ sorting application, since MDS particles bolster the load bearing of nylon while still providing optimal impact resistance.

These particles also improve the lubricity and wear resistance of unfilled nylon, thereby extending its service life. With a self-lubrication level comparable to that of PTFE, nylon MDS was the ideal option for our client.

The Result

Thanks to its superior toughness and ideal self-lubricating properties, nylon MDS proved to be a much better option than PTFE for our client’s letter and package sorting machines. Requiring much less frequent replacements, nylon MDS helped our customer to save on costs and greatly decrease downtime.

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