Trends in Reshoring

As a family business, we place a special emphasis on providing clients with fully in-house solutions. Since 1927, New Process Fibre has served American markets with unmatched quality and cost advantages facilitated by cutting-edge tooling equipment, thorough industry knowledge, and razor-sharp quality controls.

Today, U.S. reshoring efforts have sparked massive demand for non-metallic parts stamping services, as overseas enterprises bring entire operations back home. It’s become a major test of a company’s organizational and parts management efficiencies, supplier relationships, and overall agility. We’re helping them overcome these challenges by mending broken supply chain links with American-made non-metallic stamped parts from our centrally located East Coast headquarters.

Latest Trends in U.S. Reshoring

Trends in Reshoring

What is reshoring, and what effect will it have on domestic manufacturing?

Reshoring is essentially the opposite of offshoring — when companies largely expatriated in pursuit of lower operating costs. Now, non-domestic overseas operations are facing counter-pressure to repatriate to their country of origin.

Driving these trends is a critical mass of corporate and government bodies focusing on the risks posed by offshoring, including supply chain breakdowns and the nationwide threat of disease. Overseas manufacturers are on the front lines of these and other challenges, prompting industry leaders to take a closer look at the benefits of reshoring.

An overwhelming 92% of CEOs surveyed in the Kearney 2021 Reshoring Index have expressed favorable opinions of reshoring, while 79% of U.S. executives running operations in China have either already begun reshoring operations or plan to within the next three years.

To facilitate these massive readjustments, manufacturers are turning to Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software to maintain a broad view of operational needs. When integrated with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, APS helps reshoring planners maintain agility while accommodating new priorities, inventory movement, and production schedules.

The result is greater scheduling flexibility and enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy. APS and ERP/MRP integrations also help industries meet consumer demand for quick deliveries and higher product assortments without succumbing to downward cost pressures.

Benefits of Reshoring and American-Made Manufacturing

The benefits of reshoring have been known for a long time, but modern geopolitical pressures might be precipitating a lasting change toward robust domestic manufacturing practices. Companies and their home countries all stand to gain from the benefits of reshoring, such as:

  • Improved Product Quality: Reshoring gives manufacturers renewed control over their production process. Because it invokes stricter regulatory standards, manufacturers must also produce higher-quality products.
  • Competitive Advantages: When available, consumers overwhelmingly prefer products made in America. A study from Perception Research Services recently confirmed that consumers gravitate to products with “Made Locally” labels, giving fully reshored companies an edge in their domestic market(s).
  • Lower Risk: Domestic production simplifies and shortens supply chains. It also makes many shipping and customs steps obsolete, and companies achieve more direct involvement in each stage of production.
  • Time Zone Alignment: Reshoring puts geographically dispersed organizations back into alignment, making it easier to coordinate production and business functions. By reducing time zone coordination issues, collaboration improves and manufacturers experience fewer disruptions.

NPF is Proud to Partner with Companies Reshoring their Manufacturing to the U.S.

NPF’s Delaware campus is strategically located on the central East Coast, where we maintain our non-metal stamping services all under one roof. Like reshoring, keeping all operational needs readily available gives us greater control over quality, reducing production costs for our clients in the process.

Our capacities are available to manufacturing companies of any scale, and our one-time tooling process, fast turnarounds, and nationwide distribution make us an attractive resource for offshore companies looking to reshore. NPF is dedicated to supplying custom non-metallic stamped parts fully made in America. We also take strides to secure raw materials free of conflict minerals, which further benefits domestic markets.

Facilitating the Return of American Manufacturing

Just as companies seek greater self-integration, NPF knows the value of maintaining operations all under one roof. It allows us to move with greater speed while tightening every stage of operations. To learn more about our high-quality precision-stamped parts or to book a consultation, contact us and tell our experienced stamping technicians about your reshoring needs.


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