When Nylon Washers Are Your Best Choice

Nylon washers are one of the most frequently used types of hardware for industrial design purposes. They’re critical components of threaded fasteners and make a highly cost-effective alternative to metal washers. It’s because nylon is made of a synthetic polymer, called polyamide, that’s much more affordable and easy to fabricate. We’ll explain the benefits of nylon, what nylon washers are used for, and how to select exactly the right nylon washer for your application.

Features of Nylon Washers

Nylon Washers

Unlike metal alternatives, nylon washers are adaptable to a wider range of applications. They’re essentially small pieces of hardware, usually of a flat ring shape, though they can be made in virtually any shape and color. In addition to flat ring washers, there are also square, half-moon, quarter-moon, and many other shapes. Nylon washers are most often used to seal components, separate hardware, and distribute the load forces exerted by threaded fasteners.

New Process Fibre is fully equipped to design and fabricate any type of nylon washer according to the exact specifications of our clients. Depending on the nylon washer’s purpose, our nylon fabrication and stamping specialists can provide fast quotes for washers of any size, shape, thickness, and material considerations.

Benefits of Nylon Washers

Due to nylon’s unique balance of qualities, nylon washers are a highly effective and versatile choice for numerous industries. The main benefits of nylon include the following:

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Chemical, rust and mold resistance
  • Absorptive properties for both vibration and noise
  • Compressible into effective mechanical seals
  • Low surface friction, facilitating easy movement between materials (which slows deterioration)
  • Electrical and thermal Insulation
  • Cost-effectiveness

Because nylon washers are lighter than metal, they’re also cheaper to ship and can boost the fuel economy of automobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles requiring high quantities of washers.

Nylon Washers Considerations

What are nylon washers used for? With nylon’s extensive material benefits, virtually every industry relies on nylon washers. Generally, they’re frequently used wherever a design requires mechanical spacing or load distribution between hardware when metal is ineffective due to corrosion, weight, or other limitations. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding when to use nylon washers in your project.

Dimensions are a primary consideration, including thickness. This raises the question of function: will your nylon insulate or seal components, space hardware apart, or distribute forces exerted by fasteners? For example, thicker nylon washers are more durable and absorptive than thinner alternatives, but they take up more space and may be less compressible.

Shape is another consideration. Options besides flat rings can be useful in uniquely shaped recesses or when only one-half of a fastener is accessible. In the latter case, moon-shaped nylon washers are appropriate. The right type of nylon is also important, and there are several types of nylon with unique mechanical, chemical, and other properties.

Certain polymers, such as Nylon 6, have higher impact resistance and load-bearing capacity than standard nylon. Nylon 6/6, a more crystalline type of Nylon 6, is even stronger, with greater thermal insulation and less water absorption.

Our nylon fabrication experts can work closely with you to select the right combination of form factors and material considerations to most effectively achieve your design requirements.

Why Choose New Process Fibre

The wide-ranging benefits of nylon make it a highly versatile and often more effective alternative to metal washers, especially when corrosion resistance, weight, and costs are significant design factors. New Process Fibre has nearly a century of experience in nylon and other non-metal stamping services. In that time, our family-run business has accumulated a long track record of consistent innovation in nylon fabrication methods and technologies.

We continue that tradition, finding new ways to advance our clients’ interests at our state-of-the-art facility. For any questions or to inform us of your non-metal custom fabrication needs, contact us. Our experienced nylon stamping experts will help select the right nylon washers or work with your product developers to create a new custom washer solution according to your exact specifications.


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