The Developing Trend of “Smart” Kitchen Appliances

Study after study shows that we as a country work some of the longest, hardest work hours per day on the planet. It may come as a shock to some of our readers that Americans in fact work – according to one online source – “137 more hours per year than Japanese workers.” 85.8% of U.S. males and 66.5% of U.S. females report working weeks well over what is still considered the national “standard” of 40 hours a week. Consequently, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the productivity of the average American worker has risen by a full 400% since 1950 – in part due to automation and computer technology, true, but also in part due to adapting to the rigors of a harder work ethic. There is after all a reason that despite these hard economic times, the United States can still count itself as by far the most prosperous nation on Earth.

As work-time continues to erode into family time, the American family has had to adjust, and the primary means of doing so has been technological. Remember those good old days when the whole family took its time to cook the evening meal for a certain number of hours? Well, that’s not to say that such things don’t still exist today all over this great country. But in today’s increasingly fast-paced world, where the domestic front has to keep pace with the breakneck time increase in the office or factory job, things aren’t quite done the same as they were in the days of Leave It to Beaver.

One solution that’s been remarkably effective at letting the American household effectively meet the demands of the workplace is on the technology front. Meals nowadays are much faster to prepare than even twenty years ago. With all the microwaves, food processors, espresso machines, and fast-cooking ovens out there, it’s easy to see how Americans still manage to squeeze in some quality family time at the end of a long work day.

But a new global trend is underway in the kitchen: the “intelligentizing” of kitchen appliances. From remote-controlled food processors, dishwashers, and ovens, to refrigerators that monitor (and automatically adjust) their own internal temperature in accordance with the outside heat index, preparing dinner for the family has – in some ways – never been easier than before. At last, the “smart home” appliance has come home to roost.

Being that we’ve had our fair share of kitchen appliance-related jobs we’ve worked on over the years, we think this is a market we should pursue with all our vested ability. Our unmatched customized work using vulcanized fibre, thermoplastics, and NEMA grade laminates lets us extrude, stamp, slit, and shear vital components for all the new kitchen appliances that are beginning to crop up in kitchens throughout America (and worldwide).


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