The Business of Spring-time Improvement

Spring is here, and if you think like we do here at New Process, then that means it’s finally time for many Americans to begin all of those lawn and garden projects that are forestalled in the winter.  Dusting off the garden tools, getting the hose out of the shed, and making sure their lawnmowers are in top condition are all things that come to the top of the to-do list for the average homeowner in the spring.  It’s time to start preparing for all the improvements that have been dreamed up during the colder months.

Maybe you’re a manufacturer of lawn and gardening power tools, and you know you’ll need the best gaskets, spacers, and washers around to make sure the product you make runs seamlessly, and outlasts the competition.  Not only do you need to know which materials best suit your gasketing needs, you need those decisions to be solid enough to support your company’s stake in the lawn-care industry’s projected growth.  Whether you need a gasket that can withstand a high compressive load, or your priority is simply waterproofing a seal, having material options that you can trust is important to the quality of the final product.  The dependability of every nut, bolt, washer, and connection on a machine, or any product, is paramount because at the end of the day, a quality product is a foundational key to building and maintaining customer loyalty.

We like to think about the forward focus and transformative energy of springtime as a model for the kind of business we aspire to be.  We seek to constantly innovate and grow, and would expect no less of our readers and clients.  If you agree, keep us in mind when you make your business decisions this spring – we’d love to be a part of the process of improvement for your business and for American homes.


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