New Process Steps Up Its Golf Game

Like any healthy, red-blooded American company should always be doing, we at New Process are always scouting out new opportunities – and new industries – for our manufactured parts and services. Sometimes the ideas come to nothing, but other times the ideas pick up steam, gradually becoming realities. In the case of the North American golf industry, it seems to be a case of the latter.

The global golf industry currently generates over $70 billion in annual revenues – and contributes essentially to other sectors of the worldwide tourist economy. Being that the United States remains the most powerful nation in the world – as well as home to the most golf courses on the planet (in fact around 20,000, which is more courses than all other nations have combined) – it seems like a prime market for us to provide custom-made quality parts and services for. What kinds of parts, you might ask? “Parts for golf carts”, would be our answer.

Our history of providing high-quality, last-minute, large-volume work for the automotive industry puts NPF in a great position as far as golf carts. Golf cart manufacturing is a huge – albeit somewhat “behind-the-scenes” – economic powerhouse to be reckoned with. From the elite desert, mountaintop, and seaside golf resorts; to the sprawling country clubs of the suburbs; to the major golf courses interwoven into the fabric of all major American cities – we realize there’s a never-ending need for quality construction of golf carts. It’s a need where we can apply our expertise in manufacturing custom gaskets, custom insulators, custom parts, and more, as part of the solution.

And while we wouldn’t necessarily expect our future golf cart partners to score us tickets for the U.S. Open on account of our precision craftsmanship… we wouldn’t, um, be averse.


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