New Process – An Important Player in HVACR Manufacturing

The HVACR industry is a vast and complex one, affecting many people and businesses alike.  Issues like energy efficiency and power sources, the function and future of the energy grid, and many more are some of the fundamental areas of attention and growth within the industry.  Every year at the AHR Expo, the players in the industry gather to exchange ideas, information, and business to promote and advance the ever expanding goals of the industry.  We’re attending, and we couldn’t be more excited to do so.

In an industry concerned with getting the most efficiency out of each system as possible, the quality and characteristics of each part of the system become paramount.  Every piece of the HVAC puzzle that the engineer specifies needs to perform in the specific way it is intended, and to the expectations of the designer.  Whether it’s the compressibility and sealing capability of a gasket, the insulating properties of an assembly housing, or the flammability or operating temperature of a specified material, each part has a unique design and characteristics to accomplish specific tasks.  These tasks may be as simple as protecting the outside unit of an HVAC installation, or as important as ensuring the safety of the technicians who repair and retrofit systems after installation – either way, the knowledge of the proper materials and characteristics for each application is incredibly important.

These considerations can be cost-saving as well, in the event that more than one material can effectively accomplish its intended purpose, one of them will likely be a better fit.  This is why we at New Process consider ourselves quite valuable to the industry; our long history and expertise combined with our variety of materials and custom processes allow us to come up with the perfect solutions that are economic and effective for our customers.

If you’re at the AHR EXPO this year, stop by Booth #8173 and say hello – we’d be more than happy to connect with you.  We’ll also be keeping an eye on our Twitter and Facebook during the show, so shout out to us on social media, and have a great time at the show!


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