Needed It Yesterday

We’ve been around for 85 years so we’ve seen a thing or two, but doing business in the 21st century means being ready for just about anything. While the basic concepts behind great customer service haven’t changed since 1927, things just move faster in the modern world of instant communication and instant gratification. But when it comes to “instant,” since we make most of our own plastics and tooling in-house, New Process Fibre has some of the quickest cycle times in the industry.

Recently, we got a call at 3pm on a weekday from a rather panicked new customer. He was in desperate need of a very particular plastic component with extremely tight tolerances. On top of it all, he needed 100,000 pieces, and he needed them… yesterday. After quickly reviewing our over 7,000 tools in stock, it became clear that we didn’t have the tooling to handle the tolerances demanded by the customer.

At this point, another company would simply admit defeat, but not us. Because of our unfailing in-house tooling capabilities, the impossible seemed quite possible. By keeping our team late into the night, we were not only able to make the tooling, but also completed the order. Finally, we same-day shipped it the very next morning.

There was no guarantee that we would ever get any more work from the client, but that wasn’t what we were worried about. We just knew that a customer needed our help and expertise and that was all the incentive necessary to go above and beyond.  As it turned out the client was grateful for our effort, because a couple of weeks later, they placed an order for 10 MILLON of the same part.

There’s a reason New Process Fibre has been so successful for so long. Commitment to the customer, ability to problem-solve, and hard work can never hurt you.  If you want to learn more about our in-house tooling non-metallic stamping and sheet extrusion capabilities, check out our website or give us a call.


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