How Experience Affects the Manufacture of Non-metallics

As a true custom manufacturer, we at New Process Fibre have a wealth of experience with the various processes involved in non-metallic component manufacture.  Part of this expertise includes the knowledge of how our manufacturing processes affect the different materials we work with, and how to correctly arrive at a given specification within the tolerances that our clients define.

This sort of nuanced approach to components manufacture might not be immediately obvious to many manufacturers, distributors, or OEMs that primarily work with metal.  The properties of most metals are such that as a general rule (to turn a phrase) what you specify is what you get.  With non-metallic manipulations, however, the rules aren’t so cut and dry; they’re a bit more plastic.  For instance, if we allowed clients to specify the tooling they want used for the manufacture of some nylon washers, odds are that the tooling that reflects the dimensions of the final product desired won’t produce that part to within the tolerances desired, because of the way the materials perform within the stamping process.  Our more than 85 years of experience allow us to make careful and informed selections for the tooling of each job that will yield the most accurate output possible.  This is one reason we tend to form lasting relationships with clients; as our expertise becomes apparent throughout the process, our commitment to attending the end needs of the customer works in their favor, though our initial recommendation of an alternate tooling setup may be confusing.

Each job is unique, and may require different distinguishing features, depending on its end application.  This is why we do our best to listen to our customers end needs in order to determine the best way to produce the parts they need – we trust our customers to know what they need, and they trust us to recommend the best course of action for how to get there.  While the particulars of the application may change, the materials and process stay the same, and that’s where the expertise born of years of experience becomes invaluable.


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