Delaware’s Manufacturing Industry

At New Process Fibre our facility was recently visited by Sen. Chris Coons as he toured Kent and Sussex counties to speak to manufacturers about their companies, future workers, STEM education, and lean manufacturing. This visit coincides with the senator’s manufacturing bill which he hopes will bring together bipartisan support for legislation that will help manufacturers expand operation and create jobs. Additionally this bill would designate 25 universities as “Manufacturing Universities” which would receive federal money to help align their coursework to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector and help train the next generation of engineers and skilled workers.

As a business that was founded in 1927 we are always looking to improve our company. We have not only increased our product offerings but have improved our processes to ensure our customers always receive a quality product. We pride ourselves on our in-house manufacturing capabilities which allow us to perform every step of the process and fabricate our own tooling to manufacture simple and complex non-metallic components. We’ll continue to follow the senator’s bill and keep our readers informed about improving the manufacturing sector. To stay up-to-date on the manufacturing industry you can follow New Process Fibre on Twitter and LinkedIn and to learn more about our company and commitment to quality visit our website.


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