The Benefits of Doing Business with OEMs

It’s not like we have anything against the distribution companies. If it wasn’t for the business ventures we’ve formed with our distributive partners over the years, there would be a lot less of our quality products in circulation around the world, and a lot less business for a lot of hard-working, well-deserving companies. New Process Fibre and the Tier 1, 2, and 3 distributors it works on behalf of are all better off for doing regular trade with one another.

But sometimes dealing directly with OEMs – the main initiators of a given product – can be of great benefit – both for our company and also for the OEM itself. Whether you’re a hardscrabble mom-and pop manufacturing outfit that happens to be building a great product, or whether you’re a Fortune 500 company with billions of dollars in assets and liabilities that you’re responsible for, sometimes coming to a company like New Process Fibres is your best bet for time well-spent on a job well-done.

One recent case-in-point: a major American automotive company with global reach was having trouble at the local level with a particular part for a particular vehicle platform of theirs. A lot of customers had been calling in to or emailing their offices complaining about a mysterious “vibration under the hood” of their cars. The fault was quickly found by the automakers’ engineers: the original company that had supplied the major automaker with a particular engine part had provided substandard components that didn’t “match” the overall framework of the design. Something needed changing. That’s where NPF came into the fray.

When an engineer from this major car manufacturer called us to provide a prototype solution to the “vibration problem,” we quickly fabricated a series of parts within a period of days that we felt would match their requirements. Sure enough, upon receiving our prototypes, we got a beaming call back from the engineer, thanking us for providing “perfect” parts for their problem. We were able to address directly the needs of the automaker, providing them with an engineering finesse on par with their own high standards. In short, we made their day. And if we can do that with a legendary company like the one we did recent business with, we surely can make your day too.


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