Specialty Washers: Form Follows Function

At New Process, as you may have gathered if you’re a regular reader here on our blog, one of our favorite things to talk about is our custom work.  Custom discs, custom end laminations, custom gaskets, custom insulators, spacers, tags, other parts, etc. – you get the picture.  It’s our niche, we do it well, and we’re proud of it.  The idea we want to talk about today is a particular piece of our custom business that is particularly complex:  washers.

If you don’t work in the industry, you may not realize how many different kinds of washers there are, and how many different particular functions they serve.  Some of the more common specialty washers (if you can look past that oxymoron) are “C” shape, “D” shape , triangle ID, square ID, hex ID – truly, though, the options are infinite.  Many times the shape of the washer has to do directly with the particular application it is for – often bolt shape determines the ID (or inside diameter).  For instance, one of our clients has a proprietary square bolt for a particular application, and the corresponding washer’s shape was a direct result of the shape of the bolt’s shaft.  Similarly, the space into which the fastener goes can determine the OD (outside diameter).  Often a bolt will need to go directly against the edge of a surface – this means the washer’s OD needs to be a “D” shape in order for it to not interfere with the contact between the fastener and the material by being stuck at an angle.

There are a whole host of different washer shapes and forms that we haven’t mentioned here, because again, the shape of the washer can be as diverse as its application.  Washers do many things, from increasing friction on contact surfaces, to preventing corrosion between coated metals, to evenly distributing the pressure of fastening contact across a broader surface area.  Any conceivable design that serves these and other purposes more effectively can result in a different washer shape.  The key advantage with New Process is that we have the capability and expertise to provide you with any size order of nearly anything your designer can dream up.

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