Specialty Washers For Your Most Demanding Designs

New Process has a large array of materials to meet your Specialty Washer designs.  Made-to-Print, a large array of materials are available.  We possess an in-house capabilitiy to extrude, Acetal, High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, Nylon; 6, 6/6 and MDS with Polypropylene rounding out thermoplastic offerings.  All other materials are purchased from Epoxy Glass, Phenolic, Mylar®, PTFE, for our PTFE washers, and much more.

Specialty Washers are available such as; “C” Shaped, “D” Shaped, “D” Shaped Tab, Flange Square, Flange Round, Flat Shaft, Hexagon Hole, Internal & External Tab, Off-Center, Rectangular, Retaining Type, Square, Square Hole, Star Disc, Star, Tab, Thin Sidewall, Wide Sidewall.

New Process Fibre also has an in-house Tool Room with wire EDM capability which allows us to create our own Match-Metal Stamping Dies.  An extensive inventory of production equipment makes it possible to complete virtually any job from a small prototype runs to an order in the millions of pieces without outsourcing.

Give us a call at 800-497-4520 to discuss your design with one of our knowledge company representatives and/or go to the left hand navigation pane of our web site and select “Custom Washers.”  There you’ll find our “Specialty Washer” section and you can fill out our Request Information form to have us prepare a quote for you.

The third generation descendents of founder, F. Carl Porter, run New Process. They make sure the same dedication to improving products, maximizing quality and maintaining cost effectiveness is still at the company’s heart.


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