New Process Fibre Receives Positive Results from our ISO Recertification Audit

At New Process Fibre quality is very important to us. We recently underwent a rigorous ISO recertification audit and are excited to announce to our readers that our results were very positive. SAI Global conducted the audit and spent two full days at our facility to review our processes. The auditor thoroughly reviewed each aspect of our business from our processes from management review, to quoting, to production and inventory and everything in between. It was noted on several occasions that we have a very good system in place at New Process Fibre. We were given a few places to improve and we look forward to working on these aspects to help our employees grow individually and our company to grow as an organization to improve our quality management system.

We’d also like to thank each of our employees who helped us through the audit. There was a lot of work we put in leading up and during the audit. We appreciated the attentiveness during the audit and of course are happy that we continue with these high quality processes everyday to ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

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