Making a Lasting Impact on the Home and Garden Industry, Abroad and at “Home”

It seems everyone around the world these days wants a nice house and garden. Nothing wrong with that! What began as an American suburban phenomenon after World War Two – the rolling miles of suburban tract homes with their well-trimmed front lawns and neatly-kept backyards – has mushroomed into a global industry. Places like China, where even 25 years ago it would have been pretty much inconceivable to own a well-tended “American-style” suburban home, have seen remarkable changes. Chinese urban planners now make regular visits to the States to places like Phoenix, AZ to gain inspiration for planning their own suburban and exurban communities outside of huge cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

Part of this new found interest in home improvement among developing countries has been a monumental expansion of lawn-care and watering systems. Everything from simple garden hoses and water sprinklers to more specialized chemical lawn sprayers (the kind often used to manage pest control) has seen remarkable sales increases in the PRC. American companies long familiar with the business of keeping suburbs nice and tidy have been taking notice, and even relocating overseas to take advantage of the lucrative profit potential. One such company – an American company that specializes in making garden sprayer systems – has relocated its office to China, but still needs American manufacturing expertise to help supply it with new, trustworthy parts. That’s where we come in at New Process Fibre.

Just to give you an idea of the volumes of parts we’re producing for the Chinese market: we’ve built over 10,000,000 parts this year alone for a garden sprayer. It’s the precision and quality attention to detail – oftentimes so lacking still in Asian manufacturers – that keeps this relocated American company coming back to us: we just “get it.” We know exactly what they need, what quantities they need, and most of all, we know how to give them their money’s worth in terms of a long production run.

Currently we’re slated to provide many millions more parts for this company. In the meantime, we’re leveraging our ability to mass produce quality precision home and garden parts and taking a look at the local North American market for these kinds of services. After all, the American economy might be in trouble, but that doesn’t mean people want their front lawns to be in trouble also.


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