Nylon 6 Washers

Though nylon is a thermoplastic, it shares a great deal of the same characteristics as many common metals. Like most metallic materials, nylon 6 features excellent wear/abrasion resistance, high tensile and impact strength, excellent machinability, and good elasticity. However, this material has several advantages over metals, including resistance to alkalis, dilute acids, and oxidizing agents. Additionally, it has a very low coefficient of friction (though not as low as Teflon™ PTFE) and an extremely lightweight structure.

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nylon washersUnique Characteristics of Nylon 6

Nylon 6’s impact strength and energy absorption capacity actually increase as moisture absorption occurs making it, like Teflon™ PTFE, suitable for plumbing applications — as long as the dimensional changes that occur after water absorption are properly accounted for. Alternatively, nylon 6 can be mixed with glass or carbon fibers thereby improving the mechanical and thermal performance of the material.

Nylon 6, which has many of the same beneficial characteristics as steel, brass, and aluminum, is a low-cost alternative to many metallic materials. It has been established over the past several decades as a cost-effective alternative — on both an economic and performance basis — in applications that traditionally employ metals. Furthermore, while other nonmetallic materials share many of the same properties as nylon 6, it has the distinct advantage of being one of the lightest nonmetallic materials on the market.

Where is it Used?

Nylon 6 is often used in a variety of industry applications, including household appliances, food processing equipment (due to the fact that nylon is non-toxic), pharmaceuticals, electronics (including power tools), machinery (gears, cams, rollers, fuel tanks), and outdoor apparel.

Wherever you need high-strength products coupled with chemical resistance, nylon 6 is a great cost-effective option.

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