Washers For The Furniture Industry

Non-metallic washers are used in furniture to hold screws and bolts in place over long periods of time. They are used in a variety of different furniture types, from desks, tables, and chairs, to sofas and recliners. New Process excels in designing and fabricating custom solutions for furniture manufacturing and assembly applications.

This seemingly unimportant part is actually a crucial component of furniture design. Washers are used to evenly distribute the pressure of the bolt head, reducing the possibility of damaging the furniture material. Washers also provide a smooth surface for the nut and bolt to attach to, ensuring that the nut and the bolt do not loosen over time (which will happen if the fastening surface is uneven). Finally, washers protect bolts from fatigue arising from the variable use and loading of furniture.

Why Choose Non-Metallic Parts?

Non-metallic washers and gaskets are commonly used to prevent the flow of water into assemblies, and are therefore particularly useful for furniture that is exposed to the outdoors. However, other material properties of non-metallic washers (such as Teflon™ PTFE) make them well suited for resisting vibration, threading damage, thermal expansion/contraction, and corrosion, which can cause a screw or bolt to loosen (or even fail) over time.

New Process Capabilities

At New Process, we specialize in customized stampings and washers for furniture manufacturing and assembly. Our Teflon™ PTFE washers are available in a variety of dimensions, with thicknesses of 0.0002” to 0.125” and diameters of 0.093” to 16”, and a number of different types, including flat, tab, fender, and chemically resistant washers.

We stock over 8,000 compound washer dies and an unlimited supply of materials; we take pride in our delivery of consistent part quality and no tooling cost services.

Contact us to learn how our custom washers and parts can be applied to your unique furniture design.

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