Industries We Work In

A History of Excellence

Since 1927, New Process has been providing innovative non-metallic stamped solutions to clients in a number of different industries. Our commitment to quality remains second to none: we create our own tooling using an in-house tool room equipped with wire EDM capability and leverage our vast inventory of production equipment to complete almost any job, from a single piece to millions or parts.

The reason why we are able to work with various industry partners is our ability to customize. We specialize in creating custom end laminations, gaskets, insulators, spacers, tags, washers, and miscellaneous parts from a wide variety of materials, including vulcanized fibre, thermoplastics, NEMA grade laminates, and several special materials (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Kraftpaper, etc.).

The Non-Metallic Advantage

Non-metallic materials are a cost-effective alternative to metallic materials and offer superior performance in many applications. Non-metallic materials often feature superior performance in wet environments and better chemical stability than metallic materials. For example, our Teflon™ PTFE washers are completely resistant to water and oil, resist expansion/contraction in a wide range of temperatures, and feature an exceptionally low coefficient of friction.

Industries Served

There are opportunities for the integration of non-metallic parts in virtually every industry. If you are looking for a high strength, durable, and cost-effective option for your design, chances are we have the right material and machining capability for you. We have extensive experience providing custom solutions for a number of different industries, including the following:

The experts at New Process can help you find the perfect material with the right temperature, chemical, and weather resistance for your application, no matter what industry you serve.

Our unlimited supply of materials and huge supply of thousands of dies are ready for use with no additional tooling charges.

Contact us to learn more about our services and material offerings for your industry.