Nylatron® Washers

Nylatron® is a brand name of DSM Plastics but was originally developed by Polypenco. Similarly to nylon MDS, this product is effectively nylon 6 combined with a molybdenum disulphide powder. It is self-lubricating and features far better wear resistance than nylon 6 — in fact, this material is the most wear resistant thermoplastic on the market, lasting up to 10 times longer than nylon 6. This translates into an extended part life and an optimal cost vs. performance ratio.

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Several variations of Nylatron® are available — each optimally designed for specific applications.

Nylatron® Special Features

Nylatron® was designed to outperform other premium wear grade materials, making it an ideal choice for parts that are exposed to a lot of frictional stress, such as wear pads and bearings. Because it is a nylon material, a user will experience the standard benefits of nylons, including lightweight construction, noise reduction during operation, excellent corrosion resistance, and high machinability for creating complex geometries.

Most importantly, when compared to other nylon materials, Nylatron® has a vastly higher relative wear life than competing premium wear grade materials.

Applications of Nylatron®

Nylatron® is used in several high-stress applications such as rotary level actuators of unusual geometries, heavy-duty caster wheels (replacing cast iron or forged steel), wear pads, and bearings. At only 1/7th the weight of bronze, it is also suitable for many other applications as a replacement for metallic materials, including electronics, plumbing components, food processing machinery, and household appliances.

Overall, Nylatron® is designed for use in applications that require a lightweight and cost-effective resistance to wear. When you need a material that is guaranteed to last and last, Nylatron® will provide you with just that.

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