Nylon MDS Washers

Nylon MDS is an extruded version of nylon 6/6 with the addition of fine particles of molybdenum disulphide (MDS, or MoS2). The addition of particles helps to improve the load-bearing capacity of the material while preserving the impact resistance of nylon. This improved strength makes Nylon MDS a fantastic alternative to metals in many machine applications. The addition of MDS particles also improves the lubricity and wear resistance of unfilled nylon, bringing it closer to the self-lubrication level of PTFE and increasing the overall service life and wear resistance of nylon.

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Superior Toughness

Nylon MDS is tougher than other nylons and, therefore, is the most commonly used type of nylon for gears, sprockets, sheaves, and custom parts that are exposed to high mechanical stresses. Its durability makes it suitable for an even wider range of applications than other nylon materials. Moreover, Nylon MDS offers the chemical and electrical resistance of nylon 6 with an even better thermal resistance.

The added lubricity of Nylon MDS allows it to be used with little to no additional lubrication. It also increases the service life of components, which offsets the costs associated with the addition of MDS. This product is therefore a cost effective alternative to metallic materials: it combines the exceptional features of nylon 6/6, including lightweight construction, with a longer service life and a higher load bearing capacity.

Nylon MDS Applications

Nylon MDS is used in the widest range of industry applications, especially for those requiring superior toughness such as machinery components (gears, sprockets, cams, rollers, and more). Other common applications include use within the pharmaceuticals industry, household appliances, food processing equipment, outdoor apparel, and electronics.

When you need exceptional load bearing capacity, enhanced lubricity, and chemical/temperature resistance, Nylon MDS is an effective solution.

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