Nylon MDS Washers

Nylon MDS washers

Nylon MDS washers are an excellent fastener alternative to metal washers because their unique design provides certain unique benefits other washers cannot. Both Nylatron® (the trade name for Nylon) and molybdenum disulfide (MDS) consist of the same materials, but Nylatron® is proprietary and as such is more expensive. 

Nylon MDS is a type of Nylon 6 that includes added particles to improve the material’s load-bearing capacity while maintaining Nylon’s high impact resistance. As a result, this material serves as a suitable alternative to metal washers in many machine applications. Additionally, Nylon MDS offers superior wear resistance and lubricity to provide the same level of self-lubrication as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It’s ideal for applications that experience high levels of mechanical stress because of its high durability and toughness. 

Some potential fastener and component applications for Nylon MDS washers include Nylon MDS flat washers and Nylon MDS gaskets, among others.

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Primary Benefits of Nylon MDS Washers

Nylon MDS washers come with several advantages that make them a popular option for use in a variety of systems. These benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Increased toughness compared to other nylons
  • Thermal resistance
  • Chemical and electrical resistance
  • Self-lubrication
  • Lightweight construction
  • Increased service life
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Cost-effective alternative to metals
  • Superior dielectric properties
  • High load-bearing capacity

Nylon MDS Washer Applications

Industry applications of all types rely on Nylon MDS washers if they require increased toughness due to extended exposure to high impacts, pressures, and industrial solvents. Machinery components that commonly use Nylon MDS washers include:

  • Gears
  • Sprockets
  • Cams
  • Rollers

Due to its many advantages, Nylon spacer washers are an effective choice for many different types of equipment, including pharmaceutical equipment, outdoor apparel, household appliances, and food processing equipment. In addition, applications in the automotive, aerospace, defense, construction, medical, marine, plumbing, and oil and gas industries often rely on Nylon MDS washers. 

New Process Fibre’s Nylon MDS Washers

For top-quality custom Nylon MDS washers, turn to the professionals at New Process Fibre. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide our customers with washers that meet their application’s unique needs.

Nylon MDS washersSince our establishment in 1927, New Process Fibre has grown into a leading manufacturer of Nylon MDS washers and many other nonmetallic products. Our team of experienced staff has worked to continually improve our processes and provide some of the most reliable stamping solutions for applications in a wide range of industries. Today, the family-owned company is in its third generation, with a desire to continue innovating driving us. To maximize quality, maintain affordability, and improve products, we offer consistently dependable in-house manufacturing. All of our operations remain in-house to give us complete control over the manufacturing process and deliver superior quality to our customers with every order.

Based on our customers’ requirements, we provide many on-site capabilities, including:

  • An in-house tool room equipped with wire EDM to allow for the creation of custom tooling
  • Thermoplastic extrusion
  • A wide variety of production equipment that can handle nearly any type of project, ranging from prototyping to orders of millions of products

As a result, we never need to outsource any stage of the manufacturing process.

We provide OEMs with some of the most affordable and innovative nonmetallic stamping solutions. Additionally, we have an extensive inventory of die-sets that allow for fast turnaround with every project, regardless of its scope. Because of this, we’ve built a reputation as a leading fabricator of Nylon MDS washers.

Our Nylon MDS washers are available in dark gray or black colors, with the ability to stamp them in 0.010″ to 0.125″ thicknesses. Our inventory of 75 presses allows for high-volume punch press capacity, with cost-effective small units and equipment that runs at up to 400 strokes per minute. Regardless of what you require for your application, we’ll help you find the right solution.

To learn more about our line of Nylon products, please visit our Nylon washers page or contact us today!

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