Nylon is widely used in the construction industry for a number of different applications. It is ideal for the construction industry because of its low weight, high pressure-bearing capacity, high wear and corrosion resistance, and excellent impact resistance. Another advantage is Nylon’s low coefficient of friction, which means that it can often be applied with low or no lubrication.

Nylon is often used in rods, sheets, tubes, sheaves, wear pads, outrigger pads, drapery hardware, roofing bolts, fixtures, plumbing fittings, window frame spacers, and even safety nets.

The chief benefits of using Nylon in the construction industry are:

  • Higher lifting capacity due to a reduced component weight
  • Resistance to corrosion from weather-related stresses
  • Longer component service life
  • Reduced stick slip

Get your Nylon Parts from New Process Fibre

Our construction industry customers benefit from our industry-leading machining capabilities. We are confident in our capacity to fabricate Nylon washers to the highest industry standards: with 75 punch presses in a range of tonnage ratings, 14 high-speed presses, a stock of more than 8,000 washer dies, and an impressive inventory of Nylon materials, we can create just about any standard or custom solution.

Not convinced? Here are some more reasons to work with us:

  • We have been in the fabrication business for 90 years
  • We have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of Nylon washers and parts
  • We build all die-sets for our washers in-house
  • We can achieve fast turnaround times for low and high volume production runs
  • We can make custom Nylon washers with the widest range of dimensional capabilities in the industry
  • We do not outsource — we control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish

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