Nylon Spacer Applications

Nylon spacers have the same use as metal washers, except for the fact that they slightly vary in their applications. What makes the nylon washers to stand out is their ability to possess some unique load of the threaded fasteners like nuts and screws. These plastic rings have a broad range of uses in a variety of equipment ranging from car engines to home equipment.

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Among the features that nylon washers possess include the following:

They are usually durable therefore outweighing metallic ones. This equipment has proved to be long lasting under any environmental condition. This means that by purchasing such, you will have saved yourself the trouble of replacing them after a short period. It will reduce the repair and maintenance costs significantly.

These pieces of equipment are corrosion resistant. More often than not, many components show signs of corrosion after exposure to the harsh chemical environment. It is a very unlikely, situation finding plastic part reacting to chemicals.

Plastic knobs have a lighter weight. This feature comes in handy in a situation where many such components are used while at the same time trying to minimize the pressure exerted.

These components provide an excellent sealing. These non-metallic rings usually compress under extreme pressure and, therefore, can be used as ideal seals under unfavorable environmental conditions.

They possess a feature of having a solid internal lubricant that makes them appropriate in installations where external lubrication is often undesirable or even difficult.

Also, these plastic components possess a characteristic of giving out less noise. The fact that they ensure minimal noise production is attributed to their ability to absorb noise and shock. They also can reduce chatter and vibrations produced by a mechanical process.

These nylons also have a low surface friction. It is always discouraging when you have to replace time and again these components. But, by using these plastic rings, you do not have to replace them on a regular basis. They are known to possess very low levels of surface friction.

The above-listed features of these components have made it possible for these plastic rings to be used in a variety of industries. They have certain characteristics that make them suitable for particular applications.

These plastic components have the ability to be used for insulation in different forms of construction. They act as great insulators for the majority of electrical parts. They also find their application in temperature sensitive areas.

Military and defense industries fully utilize these rings because of their characteristics of being highly resistant to chemicals and also their length of durability.

They also find their application in areas where there is a need of a protective coating. These plastic components are used where there is the need to protect a polished surface from getting scratches.

It is also a fact that some parts of a vehicle will need to be light for the convenience of the machine and to reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, these components come in handy in the manufacture of cars and aircraft parts, and they exhibit a great significance in reducing the overall weight of certain vehicles.

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