New Process Fibre Launches Brand New Website

At New Process Fibre, we are constantly evaluating all of our procedures, processes, and business practices in an effort to offer the best services to our customers. Since our founding back in 1927, we have been driven toward constant improvement, instilling this motivation throughout all our policies and practices.


Our aspiration for excellence is now reflected in our brand new website. The relaunched New Process Fibre site has been redesigned from the top down and from the inside out to provide our customers with the high quality and level of satisfaction they have come to expect from us.

New Developments at New Process Fibre

The new website is fully responsive. This means that every page you visit on our site can be automatically resized to fit the screen of any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or mobile device. You can now browse all our non-metallic stamped solutions such as custom discs, end laminations, spacers, gaskets, tags, and washers.

Our website also highlights all our capabilities, including in-house extrusion, tooling, and non-metallic stamping. Customers across a range of industries can now easily browse our solutions to see how we can match the unique requirements of all projects, regardless of complexity.

A Range of Benefits

The new site also makes it easier than ever before to visit our resource library. This is a collection of a variety of references and resources that you can quickly download and even print out and have on hand as a handy guide. You can now take full advantage of our eBooks, ISO certifications, and more resources that reflect our expertise of over 85 years across industries.

Our site also features the attention and dedication to ensuring the highest quality standards across all our procedures. This is reflected in each of our products. Visit our site today to see how New Process Fibre can bring our unparalleled quality to the unique needs of your next project.


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