The 2013 Detroit Auto Show: American Auto Is Back in Demand

We’re sure you remember that iconic Clint Eastwood spot for Chrysler from last year’s Superbowl, the one where the great American actor predicted that “it was halftime in America” for the American automotive industry, and how it would come roaring back from the brink of where it stood just a few years back. Give a Hollywood legend his due credit. What he said came true in 2012. American automotive sales jumped a full 13.4% throughout the course of last year in comparison with 2011. Chrysler, once labeled a distant third amongst the Big Three automakers, recorded a staggering sales increase of 21% during 2012. After its years in the wilderness; after developing new vehicle platforms that could out-perform and outsell foreign auto competition in almost any category, the American car industry has made a 2nd half comeback of full-steam-ahead proportions.

That being the case, we at New Process Fibre can be proud of the fact that our high-density polyethylene spacer components for seatbelt retainers have played their part in Big Auto’s resurgence. Because of the high-density of its polymer chains, polyethylene is a strong, durable, yet light-weight material that is ideal for the balance of speed and crash-resistance any car worth its wheels should ideally possess. We’ve been providing components for seatbelt retainers for many years now, and we’re confident our handiwork will be found in American-built, American-bought cars for decades and decades to come. To request a quote for what components we can provide your automotive sector business with, contact us today via email or by phone.


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