Custom Gaskets for the Oil Industry

America’s energy industry is experiencing a boom thanks in part to shale plays throughout the US. In May the US produced a record number of oil and the Energy Information Administration predicts that in just two years the US will out produce the Saudis.

With oil production in high gear, oil fields, refineries, and pipelines will all be working to keep up with production. This is where New Process Fibre comes in. Our company can produce custom gaskets for the oil industry from a variety of non-metallic materials, such as Vulcanized Fibre, Paper Phenolic, Vegetable Fibre, Silicone rubber, Kligner, PVC, Nylon, and more. Our gaskets also come in a wide range of colors and are available in English and/or metric units.

We also have experience manufacturing epoxy glass washers that can be used in the oil industry. We stamp the washers from NEMA grade laminates and are ideal for use in dry and humid conditions. We can create these epoxy glass resin based washers to adhere to a wide range of performance characteristics and we have over 8,000 washer dies in-house.

Companies that work with the oil and gas industry can learn more about our custom gaskets and epoxy glass washers by visiting our website. You can also request more information or obtain a free sample of our gaskets by visiting our request a quote page.


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